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  • Understand the critical data privacy issues for blockchain solutions

  • Understand the data protection challenges in blockchain implementatio

  • Learn about the solutions to develop privacy-compliant blockchain applications

  • Identify mitigation strategies to build blockchain solutions for handling data


Blockchain has been tailored for offering considerable improvements in security, privacy, and transparency of data transactions. Therefore, it is widely adopted for safeguarding data privacy as users don’t have to disclose sensitive information for carrying out important transactions. The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass has been tailored for offering you a detailed overview of pertinent issues associated with data protection in the implementation of blockchain systems.  

The course has been designed with the objective of helping learners with developing knowledge regarding data protection challenges. In addition, the course also reflects on potential solutions for the effective development of privacy-compliant blockchain applications. 

The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass aims to offer a reliable platform for aspiring blockchain professionals and industry experts to develop knowledge regarding the legal and practical concerns associated with the implementation of blockchain technology. 


Blockchain technology offers the facility for collecting a large amount of data for documentation and management. Besides, the amount of data that you can keep and share on the blockchain can result in legal and practical issues, especially for the sake of privacy compliance. 

As a matter of fact, enterprises have to struggle with various complexities and a lot of confusion in the application of data privacy requirements for blockchain applications. So, it is important for all enterprises to consider the data privacy compliance issues before developing and implementing blockchain solutions. 

The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass on 101 Blockchains is capable of offering an in-depth overview regarding compliance risks. In addition, it also helps in understanding the potential measures for resolving the compliance risks identified for blockchain applications. 

The course could also help learners in understanding the critical data privacy issues in blockchain solutions that stem from the legal requirements in existing legislation. The course will also help students in learning the best practices for the identification of suitable mitigation strategies to design a blockchain-based privacy compliance approach to facilitate data management.


Module 1: Data Protection Laws and Regulations

  • The first module highlights and analyses the core elements of Data Protection. 

  • Participants will understand what Data Protection is, how it works, and what problems it solves.

Module 2: Data Protection and Blockchain Technology: are they compatible?

  • The second module focuses on key tensions and concerns between using blockchain technology and data privacy laws and regulations. 

  • First participants will acknowledge the connection between data protection and blockchain, then they will learn the main data privacy challenges to consider while developing blockchain applications. 

Module 3: Potential Mitigation Strategies

  • The third module explores potential solutions to solve privacy issues for a successful blockchain implementation. 

  • Participants will get introduced to different privacy friendly techniques that will enable them to choose the best option for their blockchain application. 

This Masterclass is for you because …

  • You are an enterprise looking for opportunities in blockchain application development

  • You are a lawyer who has to deal with clients involved in blockchain application development

  • You are a technical solution provider for an enterprise engaged in developing blockchain applications

  • You are an enterprise blockchain practitioner actively looking for opportunities to resolve blockchain challenges effectively from the perspective of data protection

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Claudia Di Bernardino

Strategic and forward-thinking lawyer working for different types of companies and sectors with a demonstrated ability to tackle legal, environmental and human rights risks for companies with ever-changing business priorities.

UN/CEFACT consultant, she is the legal advisor of UNECE project “Enhancing Transparency and Traceability of Sustainable and Circular Value Chains in the Garment and Footwear Sector that is developing blockchain pilot projects with a scalable proof-of-concept for traceability, transparency and due diligence.

Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass FAQs

  • What is included in the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass provides a detailed overview of core elements of data protection, its working, and problems resolved through data protection. The course also emphasizes notable challenges and issues for using blockchain technology and legal precedents related to data privacy. Learners could also find topics dealing with potential solutions to resolve privacy issues and ensure successful blockchain implementation.

  • Is there any prior requirement to enroll in the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    Although there are no specific prerequisites outlined for the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass, 101 Blockchains recommends certain requirements for better outcomes. Candidates with a prior understanding of blockchain terms and concepts with practical experience in blockchain application development can have better opportunities for success in the masterclass.

  • How much time do I have to complete the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    You don’t have any time restrictions for completing the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass. It is a self-paced training course which you can complete according to your convenience.

  • Who should go for the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    The new Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass is suitable for all enterprises engaged in developing blockchain applications. It is important for lawyers to consult blockchain application developers regarding data privacy laws and regulations. Technical providers for blockchain solutions can also use this Masterclass for developing a profound understanding of privacy requirements. Enterprise blockchain practitioners can use the course for resolving data privacy challenges in blockchain application deployments.

  • Why should I choose the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass touches on one of the most significant facets in blockchain application development. It helps learners develop knowledge regarding the essentials to avoid any legal hassles with their blockchain applications. In addition, the course will help you understand the connection between blockchain application development and data privacy. Furthermore, the course can also prepare learners with suitable contingency measures or mitigation strategies.

  • Will I interact with the subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you have the exclusive privilege of connecting with our subject matter experts for any issues with the course. If you have any doubts, just drop an email or call our customer support team to get in touch with subject matter experts. You can always rely on our subject matter experts for responsive and relevant answers to your questions.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass help me?

    The 101 Blockchains Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass will help you by improving your capabilities and knowledge to resolve one of the most ambiguous aspects of blockchain application development. The course helps you anticipate the significance of data transfer and management in blockchain environments. Most important of all, you can develop a clear understanding of the legal requirements for blockchain solutions that give rise to notable data privacy issues. Furthermore, you can also learn about the mitigation strategies to develop privacy-compliant blockchain solutions.

  • What is the value advantage of Blockchain and Data Privacy for enterprises?

    Blockchain and data privacy, both terms clearly indicate loads of advantages for enterprises all over the world. While blockchain and data privacy are considered interchangeable, the actual scenario is quite different. Enterprises have to ensure data privacy compliance in their blockchain solutions to avoid penalties for violating data privacy regulations. With the radically growing use of blockchain, data privacy is an important concern for enterprises to gain customer trust.

  • What are the important topics covered in the 101 Blockchains Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass?

    The 101 Blockchains Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass cover important topics such as data protection laws and regulations. The next important topic in the course refers to the interrelationship between data protection and blockchain technology. Subsequently, the course also focuses on identifying suitable answers for resolving privacy issues to ensure successful blockchain application deployment.

  • What is the significance of data privacy in blockchain?

    Blockchain applications are built and adopted on the basis of their ability to create trustless systems. Blockchain can ensure data privacy through sharing transactions across all nodes in a blockchain network. Subsequently, data privacy is an important value proposition of blockchain technology. At the same time, general information security legislations point out the need to safeguard data privacy at all costs.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    Learners could easily interact with our subject matter experts for their doubts and other questions. Furthermore, our extended online community on LinkedIn, can help you find appropriate solutions to your problems.

  • How would the Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass help me in my career growth?

    The Blockchain and Data Privacy Masterclass help you develop a detailed understanding of the legal precedents for data privacy on blockchain applications. As a result, you can serve as a vital asset for enterprises to understand any potential legal conflicts with the use of the application.

  • Is there any certification in the course to validate my Blockchain and Data Privacy expertise and knowledge?

    Although there is no certification in the Blockchain and Data Privacy training course, this course will prove as a career path to the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certifications.

  • How much could I earn with expertise in blockchain and data privacy?

    According to official sources, the average annual salary of a blockchain engineer can range up to $193,000 on the basis of their experience and job role. Developers with an understanding of blockchain and data privacy implications could easily command such prolific salary estimates.