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This free course on enterprise blockchains gives you the unique opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary impact that blockchain technology has on enterprise business processes. You will get access to limited technology details, rich sets of business-related use cases, and real-life examples derived from interviews and research among corporate practitioners. 

If you want to join the blockchain revolution and gain valuable knowledge to advance your career, this course is an important first step.


As you probably know, to improve your career you must have dedication, focus, and a carefully built skill set that is industry-recognized and valued. If you're a professional consultant, project manager or executive, you know how important it is to learn the fundamentals of blockchain and its implications. We offer you a completely free enterprise blockchain course that will deliver valuable corporate-oriented knowledge and will put you ahead of the curve.

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What You Will Learn

Module 1: What Exactly is Blockchain Technology

This first module is intended to bring up to speed those who have little knowledge of blockchain technology, and, at the same time, allows those with greater expertise to align their understanding to the definitions and assumptions that constitute the foundational elements of the course. 

Topics Covered:

  • How does a Blockchain work?
  • Centralized vs Decentralized vs Distributed Network
  • Remarkable Benefits of Blockchain Technology
  • Public vs Private Blockchain Network
  • The History of Blockchain Technology

Module 2: Must Know (Enterprise) Blockchain Terms

Aligning on terminology allows you to follow a common set of standards that makes it easier to further appreciate the impact of blockchain on enterprise business processes when setting up a blockchain-based project. Too often, the misalignment on terms generates inaccurate debates and disputes that threaten the quality of the project.

The purpose of this preliminary module is learning the common set of enterprise blockchain definitions that will serve as guidelines during the remainder of the course.

Topics Covered:

Consensus mechanism, Double-spending, Permissioned Blockchain, Validators and more...

Module 3: Smart Contracts Basics

This section is dedicated to the component of blockchain that represents the essence behind any enterprise adoption. A fully dedicated section on smart contracts is therefore essential, especially to understand the limits and potential of their use.

Topics Covered:

  • How do smart contracts work?
  • The Advantages of Smart Contracts
  • The Disadvantages of Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contracts Use Cases

Module 4: Blockchain Digital Transformation

This section is extremely important to understand why we are talking about blockchain at all. Without putting it in the right perspective, the impact of the technology on business imperatives and dynamics could be overlooked and misunderstood.

Topics Covered:

  • 9 Verticals of Blockchain Transformation
  • 2020 Leading Sectors
  • Use Case: IBM Food Trust

Module 5: How Blockchain will Change our World

While it is understood that blockchain will not replace existing IT solutions, it will, have a significant impact on how these will evolve in the foreseeable future.

The world that blockchain is expected to change involves also the personal world of those who have followed this course. Company employees will now be able to emerge as digital innovation leaders. Consultants and software developers will be able to “speak the language” of their enterprise clients and propose blockchain-based solutions that align with enterprise business needs and expectations. And, finally, entrepreneurs will understand that blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies and constitutes the foundational elements of a competitive differentiation strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • The History of the Web
  • Web 3.0 Benefits
  • Centralized vs Decentralized Internet
  • Federated Blockchain (Consortium)
  • Consortium Use Cases & Ecosystem


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Jaime Pradenas, Business Development Manager

"It is a very good course for those who want to improve their knowledge about blockchain. It helps to discover opportunities and business models using the blockchain. Highly Recommend!"

Highly recommend!

An Phuong Nguyen, Head of Product Department, MuaBanNhaDat Vietnam

"As a product manager, this course helped me lead a new innovative product that utilizes blockchain technology. If you want to get into blockchain technology and business, you definitely have to take courses like these. Unfortunately, universities do not teach you this stuff, so you have to take courses like these where you can learn from professional experts. Highly recommend"

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John JA Burke, Associate Professor, RISEBA University

"The infographics are great and make the audio discussion easy to follow. Short course is very logically organised, and is of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about this technology that is likely to change business operations, and the way consumers conduct business."

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Ahsen Shahid, Internal Audit Manager at Saudi Chemical Holding Co.

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Sundaresan Sethuraman, Senior Manager - Digital Program, Cognizant

"The Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals course is awesome. It's perfectly capsuled in a 15-20 minutes timebox and hence it ups the ante in a nice way. It's explained in a easy-to-understand format, thereby kindling interest in greater learning of Blockchain in depth. Thanks to 101 Blockchains for offering the crash course."

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Claudia Mancini, Journalist

"The crash course is a really good way to start the path to understand and work with blockchain. It touches key concepts, technical aspects and current cases of use of blockchain."

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Augustine Green

The 101 Blockchain Crash Course is a great course for beginners in blockchain like me. A simplified course but rich guided content to understanding Blockchain and some of its use cases and application.

Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Lead Instructor

Enrico Camerinelli

Enrico Camerinelli is a world-renowned expert of supply chain finance and blockchain, whose current area of focus is on global transaction banking, supply chain finance, blockchain and corporate treasury systems. He is a founding member of the Supply Chain Finance Community and member of the Italian delegation at the United Nations Center for Electronic Commerce and Trade Facilitation.

Enrico has been widely quoted by publications ranging from American Banker to the Financial Times. He has contributed editorial content to publications such as Supply Chain Europe, served as a consulting editor with The Global Treasurer, and is the author of Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain, a book about linking financial performance to the supply chain. He is regularly invited to speak at the most prestigious industry events, such as Sibos and EuroFinance.

Senior Instructor

Aviv Lichtigstein

A thought leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building enterprise products utilizing Big Data and AI. Aviv Lichtigstein is the founder and CEO of 101Blockchains.com - one of the world's leading blockchain resource portals.