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  • Learn about the practical implementation of blockchain in the financial sector

  • Understand the formidable potential of blockchain-based financial services

  • Understand the influence of blockchain on the financial supply chain

  • Get expertise in business development in the domain of blockchain and finance


Blockchain technology has provided a favorable mechanism for creating trust without the need for centralized control. Therefore, it has become one of the favored alternatives for revising conventional financial service frameworks. Blockchain offers a ledger for recording financial transactions, which is subject to distribution, publication, and storage at multiple locations. 

In the event of a transaction, the details of the transaction are added to every copy of the ledger. As a result, blockchain can help in maintaining accurate documentation of transactions. So, we have come up with the new Blockchain in Finance Masterclass to help you explore the diverse use cases of blockchain in the domain of finance. 

The Masterclass is a proven source for understanding all the recent developments in the implementation of blockchain technology for the finance sector. The course delivers a promising instrument for exploring and understanding the formidable potential associated with blockchain-based financial services. The course will result in raising your value as an enterprise blockchain professional. 


Blockchain technology has been successful in revolutionizing financial service frameworks all over the world with decentralization and trust. Blockchain also offers the capabilities for eliminating intermediaries, thereby avoiding concerns arising from information duplication. As a result, it can help in reducing confusion, delays, and conflicts across diverse facets of financial services. Basically, blockchain can offer the ability to reduce transaction costs while shifting control from the dominant financial intermediaries like banks. 

The Blockchain in Finance Masterclass is created specifically for blockchain enthusiasts and aspiring professionals who want to learn about the massive potential of blockchain-based financial services. The Masterclass is ideal for any individual who wants to learn the potential of blockchain-based financial services without any hassles or specific time investment. 

Our experts at 101 Blockchains communicate valuable insights regarding the latest developments pertaining to the use of blockchain technology in the financial sector. As a result, the updated industry knowledge can help you stay competitive as a valued enterprise blockchain professional. The Masterclass can help you understand and communicate the existing state, the possibilities, and the areas that need modifications for application of blockchain in financial applications. 

The 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Finance Masterclass also offers an introduction to various use cases that explain main features of blockchain and their influence on the financial supply chain. The course could also help you understand the best practices for bridging the gap through rewiring the business approach. The course also helps learners understand the role of blockchain in introducing changes in the financial sector. 

Learners can also explore insights on addressing the implementation challenges alongside the opportunities for collaboration with governments, financial institutions, and corporations. The Masterclass prepares professionals for helping organizations understand the benefits and limits of blockchain in the financial services sector. 


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Blockchain in Finance?

  • Practical understanding of areas, best practices, and use cases in the financial sector for implementing blockchain.
  • Detailed insights into the potential of blockchain technology for enabling and supporting business development in the domain of finance.
  • In-depth knowledge regarding barriers and the significance of collaboration, competition, and their impact on an organization.

This Masterclass is for you because …

  • You want to build your career in blockchain with business-related skills.
  • You are a consultant of financial services.
  • You are working as advisors or counselors to enterprise executives.
  • You are a freelancer looking for an opportunity to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • You are a blockchain professional looking for professional development prospects.


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Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Business Developer, Trade and Supply Chain Finance, ABN AMRO Bank

Bob Gravestijn

Bob Gravestijn is an experienced business developer with an entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solver. He has helped to found and lead DELIVER – a DLT platform reshaping supply chain management and facilitating innovations in the supply chain – and has served as quality consultant for several large companies in various industries. Bob is a frequent speaker on Supply Chain Finance, innovation and blockchain to encourage others to collaborate and transform trade.

Blockchain in Finance Course FAQs

  • What is included in the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    The Blockchain in Finance Masterclass on 101 Blockchains covers a detailed overview of areas in the financial sector where blockchain can offer an advantage. Learners could find insights into the use cases and best practices related to blockchain applications in the financial sector. The course also covers topics regarding the potential of blockchain technology for supporting business development in finance. The Masterclass also dives into details regarding setbacks for blockchain implementation in finance.

  • How much time do I have to complete the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    If you determine and sit, then you can complete the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass in the 1.5 hours duration of the course. However, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions as you can complete the course according to your convenience.

  • Who should go for the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    The 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Finance Masterclass is tailored for financial service consultants, advisors, senior leadership, business analysts, decision-makers, and counselors. However, any individual aspiring to move their professional career in the field of blockchain and empower their professional portfolio with business-related skills could go for this course.

  • Why should I choose the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    The foremost reason for choosing Blockchain in Finance Masterclass on 101 Blockchains is the facility of expert insights. The Masterclass brings you updated knowledge from experts regarding the existing and potential applications of blockchain for financial services. The course can build your capabilities for contributing value to a business through proper anticipation of challenges and opportunities in implementing blockchain for financial services.

  • Will I interact with the subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you can get the privilege of interacting with subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains with the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass. You can drop your queries easily, and our subject matter expert would respond to you in the quickest time possible.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Finance Masterclass help me?

    The foremost advantage for learners in the 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Finance Masterclass is the assurance of expert help. With years of industry experience, our instructors and subject matter experts are capable of communicating blockchain technology in easily understandable ways.

  • Is there any prior requirement to enroll in the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    No, you don’t have to follow any prior requirement for enrolling in the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass. However, prior knowledge of blockchain basics can be helpful for learners.

  • What is the value advantage of Blockchain in Finance for enterprises?

    The different benefits of blockchain in finance serve as a formidable value advantage for enterprises. Starting from faster transaction settlement to improved transparency, blockchain can revolutionize financial management for enterprises completely.

  • What are the important topics covered in the 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Finance Masterclass?

    The Blockchain in Finance Masterclass covers important topics such as the areas, use cases, and best practices for implementing blockchain in the financial sector. The Masterclass also covers the implications regarding the potential of blockchain for supporting business development in financial services. Furthermore, the course also dives into reflection on the challenges and importance of competition and collaboration.

  • What is the significance of Blockchain in Finance?

    Blockchain could transform many conventional financial operations, thereby introducing profound improvements over the setbacks related to traditional financial instruments. Implementation of blockchain in finance could enhance trust, security, speed, and transparency of transactions in the financial sector.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    Yes, you can contact our experts for any issues regarding topics in the course. You can also participate in our LinkedIn community for interacting with our professional experts to find answers to your doubt

  • How would the Blockchain in Finance Masterclass help me in my career growth?

    The Blockchain in Finance Masterclass helps you build your business-related skills to help organizations realize the true value of blockchain. The course helps you build the skills and knowledge in understanding the limits and power of blockchain for transforming financial management operations. Therefore, you can showcase your capabilities for realizing value from blockchain in finance and achieve profound levels of career growth.

  • Is there any certification in the course to validate my Blockchain in Finance expertise and knowledge?

    Although there is no certification in the Blockchain in Finance training course, this course will prove as a career path to the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certifications.

  • How much could I earn with expertise in Blockchain in Finance?

    Your expertise in Blockchain in Finance can entitle you to salaries for the high-experience range of enterprise blockchain professionals. On average, top earners among blockchain developers could earn annual salaries up to $231,500.