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  • Learn why and what is Healthcare 3.0 – Ownership Health

  • Understand self-sovereign identity, data liquidity, privacy-preserving technologies, and federated learning

  • Know how tokens, NFTs, and DAOs can redesign healthcare and life science and transform patients from health service consumers to health and wealth producers


From a patient point of view, healthcare is too expensive; from a healthcare professional perspective there is too much bureaucracy; for hospitals, investment in technology has not translated into better patient outcomes; the future of pharma and digital therapeutics is fraught with uncertainty, and even insurance companies have experienced a need to rethink their health plans in a post-pandemic market. While paying more and dying younger has become the norm in the US, how do we even start to redesign Healthcare? 

Since Healthcare is a fragmented, friction-full, heavily regulated, data-rich environment, blockchain-based peer-to-peer ecosystems have the potential of solving identity, data interoperability, and privacy and security problems while connecting providers and engaging patients in maintaining their health and wellbeing. Because a decentralized network maintains this information as a single source of truth, Blockchain businesses are able to create rules and govern across legally separate entities without the need for ‘trust’ intermediaries and divulge private and proprietary data. 

In the Health 3.0 - Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass you will learn about decentralized technologies, decentralized economics (tokenomics), and decentralized business models that encourage inter-cooperability and coopetition (collaborative competition).


Healthcare systems all over the world are suffering from inefficiencies, affecting patients and healthcare professionals. However, blockchain-based systems can address such setbacks in innovative ways. The Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass draws some promising insights on how blockchain can resolve many setbacks in global healthcare systems. With the new blockchain in healthcare masterclass on 101 Blockchains, you will discover the reasons behind the evolution of health 3.0. 

The masterclass offers a detailed overview of the various technologies that would drive health 3.0, such as data liquidity, federated learning, and self-sovereign identities. Furthermore, the masterclass also reflects on the use of blockchain for healthcare with NFTs and DAOs to redesign many conventional systems and processes. In addition, the masterclass ensures that learners familiarize themselves with these topics through engaging video lectures and demos. 


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Blockchain in Healthcare

  • The background and definition of Health 3.0 or decentralized healthcare.

  • An explanation of data liquidity, federated learning, self-sovereign identity, and privacy-preserving technologies. 

  • The effect of tokens, NFTs, and DAOs in redesigning healthcare and the life sciences sector while empowering patients. 

This Masterclass is for you because...

  • You understand that the current healthcare system is not sustainable

  • You want to learn what is Healthcare 3.0 and why is it important

  • You want to know how Blockchain, Tokens, NFTs, and DAOs can redesign healthcare sector



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    • Lesson 1: The (true) state of US Healthcare

    • Lesson 2: Healthcare 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

    • Lesson 3: Five DLT uses in Healthcare

    • Lesson 4: Data illiquidity in Healthcare

    • Lesson 5: Blockchain and AI / ML / FL

    • Lesson 6: Healthcare tokenomics

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Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Founding Partner, ImpactRooms; Advisor, Equideum Health

Dr. Alex Cahana

Dr. Alex Cahana is a founding partner in ImpactRooms, Blockchain and Healthcare Expert for the UN/CEFACT, venture partner at Global Blockchain Ventures, advisor at Equideum Health and a Board member at AdanianLabs Africa and ACHA (Americas Continental Health Alliance). With over 25 years of clinical experience, including the Department of Defense and the Veterans Health Administration, Dr. Cahana combines deep scientific, technological and financial knowledge. He specializes in Web 3.0 transformation for private and public companies, healthcare organizations, as well as local and federal governments and is active in Africa and LATAM.

CEO, Equideum Health

Heather Flannery

Heather Leigh Flannery is the Founder and CEO of Equideum Health (formerly ConsenSys Health), a ConsenSys Mesh portfolio company building Web3 person-centered healthcare and research networks. A recognized pioneer and thought-leader in the healthcare blockchain industry, Heather also chairs the IEEE SA Open P2418.6 Standards Development Working Group (blockchain in healthcare and life sciences).

Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass FAQs

Course Related Questions and Answers

  • What is included in the Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass?

    The Blockchain in Healthcare masterclass offers the coverage of decentralized technologies alongside decentralized economics or tokenomics. Furthermore, the course shows how decentralized business models can empower the field of healthcare blockchain with prospects for collaborative competition and cooperation.

  • Who should go for the Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass?

    The blockchain and healthcare masterclass is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the applications of blockchain in the field of healthcare. If you seek change in existing healthcare systems with Health 3.0, then this masterclass is an ideal pick for you.

  • Why should I choose the Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass?

    The growing demand for blockchain-based applications in healthcare to facilitate decentralization and effective data governance also drives the need for blockchain professionals in healthcare. The Masterclass helps you familiarize yourself with the value-based implications of blockchain for healthcare applications.

  • Do you offer expert support at 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you can always reach out to us and receive responsive support to your queries. If you have any doubts about blockchain and healthcare after the masterclass, you can send your queries at any time. Our subject matter experts are available to review your questions and provide the most relevant responses accordingly.

  • What are the prerequisites for the 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass?

    The blockchain in healthcare course on 101 Blockchains does not impose any specific prerequisites on learners. However, a fundamental-level knowledge of blockchain and decentralized business models could offer a healthy boost to your initial learning experience.

  • How much time will I get to complete the 101 Blockchains Blockchain in Healthcare Masterclass?

    One of the most important features in the blockchain and healthcare masterclass on 101 Blockchains is flexibility. The self-paced Masterclass does not feature any time limitation. While the duration of the course material is fixed, you can access the masterclass anytime and complete the masterclass at your own pace.

  • How can business owners benefit from this course?

    Business owners, particularly in the healthcare sector, can make the most of emerging developments in health 3.0 by using insights from this Masterclass. In addition, the Masterclass also offers a better impression of how to tailor blockchain-based technologies for the healthcare sector.

General Questions related to Blockchain in Healthcare

  • What are the problems that you can solve with blockchain in healthcare?

    Blockchain can serve a vital role in addressing a wide range of healthcare issues. For example, blockchain can help in improving care coordination alongside resolving interoperability issues. On top of it, blockchain can also introduce efficiency in data security and governance.

  • What are the practical use cases of blockchain for healthcare?

    The practical use cases of blockchain and healthcare combined would include the safe transfer of patient medical records and monitoring pharmacy supply chains.

  • What is the value of blockchain in healthcare?

    The comprehensive adoption of blockchain for healthcare drives new opportunities for patients to gain control over their data. In addition, blockchain can also improve the accessibility of healthcare services while optimizing costs. On top of it, blockchain ensures better security and accuracy of electronic health records.

  • What are the prominent challenges for healthcare blockchain?

    The most prominent issues for blockchain in healthcare emerge primarily from public networks. However, the challenges for the adoption of blockchain in healthcare do not emerge solely from technology. As a matter of fact, the barriers focus on businesses, governance, social and cultural change, and laws and regulations.

  • How will blockchain applications in healthcare reduce costs?

    Blockchain could help in simplifying the administrative processes and supply chain management imperatives for healthcare. However, companies have to put the initial upfront investment in blockchain technologies to reap the benefits of cost savings later.