We at 101Blockchains want to help you become a leading enterprise blockchain professional. Our goal is to equip all our students with actionable tools that they can easily apply in their blockchain-related projects. 

To make sure our students know how to engage suitably with enterprise decision-makers and advise them about the relevance of blockchain technology to their business, we built this template collection. 

In this collection, you will find actionable templates that will help you identify which parts of an enterprise's current IT architectures would benefit most from integrating blockchain-based applications. 

The templates will also assist you in choosing the best implementation strategy possible. 

The vision we had in mind in creating this innovative new template collection is to help enterprise practitioners have all the data they need, and a structured work plan to guide them through the process of blockchain implementation based on their current needs and future digital transformation plans. 

These templates will help you understand if and when blockchain technology is a proper fit for a company. It will also guide you through the process and make sure you are asking the correct questions, and checking all the boxes. Our templates are the best way for professionals to prepare for their engagement with enterprise clients and create proper work processes.

101Blockchain's actionable templates are constructed to reflect the foundational elements of blockchain:

  • Immutable: Every actionable template offered by 101blockchains ensures that the enterprise blockchain professional is always consistent in his interactions with enterprise clients and peers.
  • Distributed: Every template can be applied to different types of clients and company sizes.
  • Decentralized: Every template is technology-agnostic, therefore applicable to a range of businesses, and designed to provide the optimized blockchain solution based on the enterprise's business needs.

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Enterprise Blockchains Professional Templates

Template - 1:  Do You Need Blockchain?

This actionable tool presents the user with a list of items that represent the typical selection criteria of a blockchain solution.

Via easy-to-use drop-down menus the user selects the options that best corresponds with his project's objectives.

After you feed the model with data, it will produce the recommended blockchain configuration (i.e., permission, permissionless) based on selected items.

In line with 101blockchain's mission not to "sell blockchain", but rather help companies decide whether the technology fits their needs, our tool might produce a "no blockchain needed" recommendation. 

Our tool also contains a settings area in which the user can change parameters for both permissioned and permissionless blockchain configurations.

Template - 2: Blockchain Project Readiness

This actionable tool is based on the user's self-assessment regarding preparations and key actions required to complete the task of Identifying the underlying business issues.

The user must also set implementation goals to measure the level of accomplishment of the transformational blockchain project.

The model then continues the self-assessment process so the user is aware of his/her preparations to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC).

Finally, with the self-assessment results for the last leg of the enterprise blockchain implementation journey ‘Post-PoC Development and Scaling’, the model calculates the overall level of readiness to engage in an enterprise blockchain implementation project.

After using our advanced tool the user will be able to identify skill gaps and improve shortcomings.

Template - 3:  Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project 

This actionable template enables you to make an effective presentation by outlining key points that an enterprise decision-maker has to know to consider your proposed solution.

Technology details must be put aside, and you must concentrate your efforts in making sure your counterpart fully appreciates the business benefits and implications of your project on their company.

Template - 4: Mapping Enterprise Blockchain vs. Supply Chain Business Processes

This Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Tool provides you the practical guidance to assess which processes of a supply chain are best candidates for an enterprise blockchain-based implementation project.

Based on user selected inputs, the model returns the level of business impact of the transformed supply chain processes. It also advises the enterprise blockchain professional on the expected difficulty to implement enterprise blockchain solutions given the current company scenario.


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    TEMPLATE 1: Do You Need a Blockchain

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    TEMPLATE 2: Blockchain Project Readiness

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    TEMPLATE 3: Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project

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    • Presenting An Enterprise Blockchain Project - Template Overview

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    TEMPLATE 4: Mapping Enterprise Blockchain vs. Supply Chain Business Processes

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This course is led by industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Lead Instructor

Enrico Camerinelli

Enrico Camerinelli is a world-renowned expert of supply chain finance and blockchain, whose current area of focus is on global transaction banking, supply chain finance, blockchain and corporate treasury systems. He is a founding member of the Supply Chain Finance Community and member of the Italian delegation at the United Nations Center for Electronic Commerce and Trade Facilitation. Enrico has been widely quoted by publications ranging from American Banker to the Financial Times. He has contributed editorial content to publications such as Supply Chain Europe, served as a consulting editor with The Global Treasurer, and is the author of Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain, a book about linking financial performance to the supply chain. He is regularly invited to speak at the most prestigious industry events, such as Sibos and EuroFinance.