• 5 weeks

  • 3-4 hours per week

  • Flexible learning


  • Understand blockchain architecture advanced concepts such as development.

  • Learn various use cases for blockchain and how to choose the proper blockchain system for your customer's needs.

  • Validate your knowledge with the industry-leading blockchain architecture certification.

"Over 88% of senior executives believe that blockchain technology will eventually achieve mainstream adoption." Deloitte, 2020


Welcome to the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) course and certification. Blockchain technologies are now more than just a trial run. They are moving from proof of concept to production.  

Whether you’re a CIO, pre-sales engineer, solution engineer or IT-focused customer-facing expert, knowing how to speak blockchain is going to a required skill, especially for large VARs, vendors, integrators, etc. This course is perfect for developers, engineers and IT professionals who want to broaden their skill set. 

This course is ideal for technology-focused engineers, application developers, IT administrators, or anyone wanting to obtain the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification.


This course will kick off with blockchain basics such as components, terminology, value creation, solution selling and blockchain architecture using interactive exercises, white board illustrations and demos. Then we’ll share deep insights into blockchain technology for technically driven individuals. 

We will discuss why blockchain is revolutionizing how businesses and governments are looking to technology to create efficiencies. Study guides are included to help prepare you for this challenging exam.

Register now for this career-boosting opportunity to prepare for your professional future and join the blockchain revolution!


What’s covered to enable you to become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA):

  • Blockchain Architecture basic and advanced concepts such as development
  • Choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases
  • Understanding customer requirements and how to use a blockchain decision tree
  • Work effectively with both public and permissioned blockchain systems such as Ethereum and Hyperledger.
  • Resources to help study for the exam (Practice Exam and Review)
  • Objectives of the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) exam



  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before you start...

    • Download Course Presentation

  • 2

    Module 1: Blockchain Fundamentals

    • Module 1 Overview

    • What is Blockchain

    • Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency vs Tokens

    • Blockchain Key Components

    • Byzantine Generals Problem

    • Consensus Methods

    • Whiteboard -How Blocks are written to a blockchain

    • What is Hashing

    • Demo - Hashing

    • Mining Requirements

    • Smart contracts

    • Segwits and Forks

    • Types of Blockchains

    • Use Cases

    • Next Steps

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 3

    Module 2: Enterprise Blockchains

    • Module 2 Overview

    • What is an Enterprise Blockchain?

    • Enterprise Blockchain Value Creation

    • Enterprise Blockchain Cost Modeling

    • Enterprise Blockchain Cost Considerations

    • Enterprise Blockchain Performance (Transaction Per Second)

    • Enterprise Blockchain Architecture

    • Enterprise Blockchain Common Use Cases

    • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Selling

    • Enterprise Blockchain Technology Concerns

    • Blockchain as a Service

    • Demo - IBM BaaS

    • Enterprise Blockchain Development

    • Whiteboard- Architect a Blockchain

    • Enterprise Blockchain Security

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 4

    Module 3: Ethereum Overview

    • Module 3 Overview

    • Ethereum Overview

    • Ethereum Development

    • Demo - Ethereum Etherscan

    • Whiteboard - Ethereum Deployment

    • Demo - Metamask

    • Whiteboard - Ethereum Use Case - Token Platform

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 5

    Module 4: Hyperledger Fabric Overview

    • Module 4 Overview

    • Hyperledger Project Overview

    • Hyperledger Fabric Overview

    • Hyperledger Fabric Use Cases

    • Demo Deploy on AWS

    • Hyperledger Fabric Development

    • Whiteboard - Fabric Use Case - Logistics

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 6

    Module 5: R3 Corda Overview

    • Module 5 Overview

    • R3 Corda Overview

    • Corda Use Cases

    • Whiteboard - Use Case Financials

    • Corda Developmment

    • Demo - CordaBench

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 7

    Certification and next steps

    • Review

    • Certifcation Process

    • Blockchain Roles

    • Blockchain Demand

    • Thank you

    • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course Evaluation

    • Final Exam


  • Bonus Material

    Exclusive, in-depth interviews with the world's top enterprise blockchain experts

  • Respected Certificate

    Official completion certificate: Printable Diploma & LinkedIn accreditation

  • Personal Guidance

    Weekly Training Spreadsheet, Email Guidance, and Premium Support


After months of training and research about blockchain, I've finally found a Blockchain Certification Program that is focused on the business aspect.

Diego Geroni, Z&A Consulting SCS

"The Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification Program is a valuable source of skills and practical knowledge for any industry professional. I would like to express my appreciation for 101 Blockchains’ well-structured and practical online course content! Using common management and business concepts, it delivers so much, especially the many different use cases that can be applied straight away. Recommend this Professional Certification to any individual and organization who wants to innovate with trust and transparency in this new era of business digitalization."

I recommend taking this course for any professional willing to add value to his company/business

Lamine Zenakhri, COO, Integra Technosystems

"The Enterprise Blockchain Professional course held by 101 Blockchains has proven to be very well taught and organized, it uses simple language for people who have very little knowledge in technical issues related to Blockchain to make them understand the technical aspects of the different Blockchain platforms. This course is dedicated to professionals who want to leverage their company's capabilities and value by using and adopting solutions based on Blockchain Technology. At the end of course, I feel I have a much clearer understanding of blockchain technology, and the different platforms use cases, and how each platform can solve specific problems. The course platform is well organized, stable and easy to use. I personally recommend taking this course for any professional willing to add value to his company/business"

I am recommending!

Patrick Wolf, Deputy CTO, ASG Technologies

"101 Blockchains helped me get up to speed on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Practical information from people with hands on experience coupled with state of the art infographics. I am recommending!"

Good structure and easy to understand!

Markus Einert, Head of Business Support, Deutsche Telekom

"Very good training for basic Blockchain understanding + deeper insights in specific topics. I like this structure's setup and practical examples."

I highly recommend it

Jackie Burgoa, Senior Digital Strategist, TREM Group

"If you are interested in the paradigm shift and business disruption blockchain technology is creating, then this certification course is for you. I have spent quite sometime reserching blockchain and although there is a lot of information out there, there is no doubt this course brings it all together. It is well organized. It is clear in its delivery and obviously a lot of thought went into it. I highly recommend it."

All business leaders should do this course

Peter Lee, Workplace Transformation Leader, Singapore

"The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course make a complex subject easy to understand and it allowed me to learn at my own pace, at my own time. I found the course contents to be just right, covering the basic fundamentals enough for business users to understand the concept, then going into the characteristics of the various blockchain platforms, and capping off with how and which industries are using this technology. Enrico does a great job explaining the blockchain basics and I like the postman analogy which is very easy to grasp. The course has cleared up some earlier misconceptions I had about blockchain, and I am now better informed and confident to apply it in my business. I recommend this course to all business leaders as blockchain will be another tool in your toolbox that you will be using in the near future."

Easy to Understand!

Rajwant Singh Healthcare IT Consultant Lexicon Healthcare IT Consulting

"101 Blockchains makes blockchain simple. Their content is easy to understand and spot-on accurate. They are a trusted source for blockchain education for anyone, with or without technical background. I often recommend 101 Blockchains to my friends, acquaintances, and clients who are just diving into blockchain digital transformation."

Certificate is essential to my growth efforts!

Bartholomeus van den Bergh, CEO, Meiermarken GmbH

"Insights from 101 Blockchains were quick and easy to understand from the very start. And the Enterprise Blockchain Professional course was a great way to give me an up-to-date good grounding in the basics of Blockchain. This certificate is essential to my growth efforts."






  • Software Architects & Engineers

  • Software Developers & IT Managers

  • Enterprise & Cloud Architects

  • CIOs & IT Managers

  • IT Sales Executives & Pre Sales Engineers


The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect course was created to give students the right set of practical skills to leverage the high demand for blockchain engineers, developers and IT practitioners.


Experience flexible online learning supported with structured modules.


Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Senior Instructor

Joe Holbrook

Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to several HPUX systems on board a US Navy flagship USS JFK. He has migrated from UNIX networking world to Storage Area Networking(SAN) and then onto Enterprise Cloud/Virtualization and Blockchain Architectures. He has worked for numerous companies like HDS, 3PAR Data, Brocade, Dimension Data, EMC, Northrup Grumman, ViON, Ibasis.net, Chematch.com, SAIC and Siemens Nixdorf. He also has been a contract technical trainer for HPE (3PAR), Hitachi Data Systems, Training Associates, ITPrenuers and Global Knowledge.

Currently, Joe is the owner of MyBlockChainExperts and is also a frequent conference speaker and blogger/technical marketer. Joe is the author of “Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions” Wiley January 2020

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) Certification FAQs

  • Can anyone sign up for the course?

    Yes! This course is open for every professional that wants to become an Enterprise Blockchain Architect. This course is designed to provide software architects, engineers, software developers, IT managers, enterprise and cloud architects, CIOs, IT sales executives and pre-sales engineers, advanced knowledge and the skillset required for successful enterprise blockchain implementation.

  • What is included in the CEBA Certification course?

    The CEBA Certification training course provides 5 weeks of training resources with the opportunity for flexible learning. Candidates can find 3 to 4 sessions of one hour each week allocated in the course distribution for learning according to their preferences. The training course contains training materials for five different modules according to the objectives of the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification. The 101 Blockchains CEBA certification training course also provides interactive exercises, a hands-on assignment, and bonus materials including comprehensive interviews with top enterprise blockchain professionals in the world.

  • Is there any recommended prerequisite for the CEBA certification exam?

    Candidates do not have to comply with any specific prerequisites to participate in the CEBA certification exam. Any professional who wants to learn about enterprise blockchain technology and its use in digital transformation can pursue the 101 Blockchains CEBA certification course. However, it is recommended that candidates have prior professional experience and hands-on expertise in certain roles, such as developers, engineers, or IT administrators.

  • What are the important domains covered in the CEBA certification exam?

    The 101 Blockchains CEBA Certification course provides the ideal platform for candidates to prepare for all domains covered in the CEBA certification exam comprehensively. The CEBA certification exam verifies the evaluation of knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates in the areas such as Basics of blockchain technology, Enterprise blockchain technologies, Overview of Ethereum, Overview of Hyperledger Fabric, and Overview of R3 Corda.

  • Is there validity to the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification?

    No, the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification (CEBA) is a credential awarded by 101 Blockchains, a world-leading and trusted research and training provider in the field of Enterprise Blockchain. The CEBA certification is granted to our students upon completion of the course requirements. The CEBA certification will add significant value to your professional profile, especially for those pursuing a career in the Blockchain field.

  • What is the format of the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification exam?

    The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) exam consists of 20 Multiple-choice questions.

  • How many attempts can I make for the certification exam?

    We grant unlimited attempts to pass the certification exam.

  • What is the passing score for the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification exam?

    Candidates need to score a minimum of 70% to pass the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification exam.

  • How much time will I get to complete the 101 Blockchains CEBA Certification training course?

    Candidates can access the 101 Blockchains CEBA Certification training course for one year, starting on the day of purchase. On the other end, candidates can also complete the course within 5 weeks by dedicating three to four hours of their time to each week.

  • How do 101 Blockchains give a guarantee to pass the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification exam through the CEBA training course?

    The 101 Blockchains CEBA certification training course assures candidates are qualified for the CEBA certification exam by comprehensively covering all exam objectives. The first and foremost highlight of the training course is dividing the CEBA certification exam objectives into different modules. The modules provide a flexible organization of the course material, thereby avoiding confusion in learning. Candidates could also rely on the quality of the training course with inputs from the best industry experts. Additionally, the training course also provides weekly spreadsheets to help candidates observe their progress in the training course.

  • What are the abilities validated in the CEBA certification exam?

    The CEBA certification exam proves the skills, abilities, and expertise of candidates in the advanced concepts related to blockchain architecture and development. The exam also validates the comprehensive knowledge of different blockchain use cases and the best practices for the selection of an ideal blockchain system according to customer requirements. With the CEBA certification, candidates will also get recognition for their ability to demonstrate their knowledge in enterprise blockchain architecture by fulfilling the requirements for an industry-leading certification related to blockchain architecture.

  • What are the important topics for the CEBA certification exam?

    The important topics covered by the CEBA certification exam includes - Key components of a blockchain, Consensus mechanisms, Hashing, Enterprise blockchain value creation, Enterprise blockchain cost considerations, Enterprise blockchain technology issues, Ethereum development, Hyperledger Fabric development, and R3 Corda use cases and development.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect?

    The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification is ideal for driving the efficiency of various professionals such as CIOs, solutions engineers, IT-focused client-facing personnel, pre-sales engineers, IT administrators, blockchain engineers, and most important of all, blockchain solution developers. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect will be primarily responsible for leveraging their knowledge of the basic and advanced concepts in blockchain architecture and development to select ideal blockchain systems for different use cases. The CEBA-certified professional is also responsible for evaluating and understanding the requirements of customers alongside following the best practices for using a blockchain decision tree. Furthermore, the CEBA-certified professional would also have to work efficiently with public and permission blockchain systems like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

  • What are the benefits of CEBA certification for my career?

    101 Blockchains is a highly reputed and well-recognized platform for enterprise blockchain practitioners all over the world. The credibility of 101 Blockchains automatically translates to the CEBA certification, which can help qualified candidates attain various career opportunities for blockchain architects.

  • What are the reasons to emphasize the importance of CEBA certification in the existing market?

    Blockchain expertise is an important skill in the existing market and helps developers, IT professionals, and engineers broaden the scope of their existing skillset. Furthermore, the CEBA certification is not only helpful for aspiring blockchain solution architects but also for IT administrators, blockchain engineers, and solution developers. Simultaneously, many large vendors and integrators look for blockchain architecture expertise as a favorable skill in potential candidates for driving blockchain adoption. Therefore, the CEBA certification establishes its credibility in the existing market.

  • Can I purchase an exam voucher from 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you can purchase the exam voucher for the CEBA certification directly from the 101 Blockchains for $299. The exam registration will also give you access to the training course and other learning materials for the CEBA exam.

  • Will I receive a certification from 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you will get certified as a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect when you successfully finish all the course requirements, including the final exam and a hands-on assignment. 101 Blockchains' certification will classify you globally as a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    Yes, our team of experts is available 24/7 to resolve any queries. You can also join our LinkedIn Community and connect with experts and learners.

  • How to prepare for the CEBA certification exam?

    The candidate needs to prepare themselves by following the recommended path for the CEBA certification exam. First, evaluate all the exam objectives with in-depth attention to all the modules and subtopics of the exam. Next, develop a feasible preparation schedule for the exam, and register for the CEBA certification exam and training course on 101 Blockchains right away. Then, complete the training course and take the exam.

  • What is the average salary of a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect?

    According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of enterprise blockchain architects ranges between $146,258 and $157,987.

  • I am a non-technical/fresher candidate; Can I take the CEBA certification exam?

    Yes, non-technical candidates or freshers can take the CEBA certification exam. However, candidates need to fulfill all the requirements of the CEBA certification training course before taking the CEBA certification exam.