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  • Learn basic and advanced concepts of stablecoins

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The volatility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem served as one of the prominent setbacks for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency alternatives. Stablecoins first came into the world of cryptocurrency in 2014 and helped track the value of underlying assets, thereby ensuring safeguards against volatility. Stablecoins have been tailored to work as a source of stored value in the blockchain ecosystem which reduces the need for the conversion of digital assets into fiat currency. 

The new 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass focuses on introducing learners to the potential associated with stablecoins. You will gain prolific insights about the existing research and activity surrounding stablecoins and a detailed understanding of relevant concepts. The new 101 Blockchains Masterclass on stablecoin is a great way to learn stablecoin fundamentals and also understand the challenges involved. 

Learners will discover detailed information regarding risks and features associated with the stability mechanisms alongside the related use cases. In addition, learners will also get an overview of the underlying technology associated with stablecoins through this new “Stablecoin Masterclass.” The masterclass can help learners find new opportunities for career growth as an enterprise blockchain professional and also discover innovative ways to use stablecoins to empower enterprises. 


Stablecoins play a crucial role in improving the trust of enterprises and the general public in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, they foster the enterprise applications of blockchain on a large scale. The new 101 Blockchains Masterclass offers a detailed account of stablecoins explained properly with insightful and engaging inputs from an industry expert. This unique stablecoin course also features interactive exercises and demo videos to help learners familiarize themselves with the world of stablecoins. You will also discover the advantage of learning about stablecoins with real-life examples and use cases.


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Stablecoin

  • Comprehensive understanding of stablecoins and their associated use cases

  • Insights regarding different variants of stablecoins alongside the associated risk factors

  • An explanation for underlying economics of algorithm-based stablecoins

  • Illustration of methods and best practices for stablecoin analysis

This Masterclass is for you because...

  • You are an enterprise owner or executive seeking an in-depth understanding of the use of stablecoins for payments, transaction settlements, and forex trading.

  • You are a consumer aspiring to understand the impact of stablecoins on improving the accessibility of financial services and products with better speed, efficiency, and reasonable cost.

  • You are a software developer working on DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions with curiosity regarding the fit between stablecoins and your solutions.



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    • Lesson 1: Introduction on Stablecoins

    • Lesson 2: Stablecoin Use Cases

    • Lesson 3: Classes of Stablecoins and their Risk Factors

    • Lesson 4: Supply, Demand and Algorithmic Stablecoins

    • Lesson 5: Analyzing Stablecoins

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  • Senior Leaders and Decision Makers

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Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Partner at cLabs, working on Celo

Dr. Markus Franke

Dr. Markus Franke, Partner at cLabs, is presently working on Celo, an open platform for improving the accessibility of financial tools. The prominent area of his expertise is protocol economics. In addition, he has a diverse array of professional experience credentials in the domains of finance, economics, and research for over 15 years. With a Ph.D. in quantitative finance, Dr. Markus has worked with some notable names in the enterprise world, such as JP Morgan, AllianzGI, and Merrill Lynch.

Stablecoin Masterclass FAQs

Course Related Questions and Answers

  • What is included in the Stablecoin Masterclass?

    The Stablecoin Masterclass on 101 Blockchains offers a detailed understanding of stablecoins and their use cases. Learners will also discover detailed information regarding the different types of blockchain alongside the risks related to them. The course will also help learners reflect on topics such as economics underpinning algorithm-based stablecoins. You will also find important information in the Masterclass on the best practices for stablecoin analysis.

  • Who should go for the Stablecoin Masterclass?

    The 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass is an ideal choice, specifically for senior leaders and decision-makers, financial service consultants, and software developers. Innovation managers and entrepreneurs can discover new ideas thanks to their new understanding of stablecoins. In addition, any individual can benefit from learning about the impact of stablecoins on the ways transactions are carried out.

  • Why should I choose the Stablecoin Masterclass?

    The first reason to choose the new stablecoin course on 101 Blockchains refers to the stability introduced in the world of cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins have a unique mechanism for tracking assets against their value in real currency. Therefore, the adoption of stablecoins could introduce new opportunities for development of new and innovative financial solutions. Most importantly, the different topics covered in the course present a detailed impression of how stablecoins are utilized in the real world.

  • Do you offer expert support at 101 Blockchains?

    101 Blockchains gives you the opportunity to reach our subject matter experts with any type of query regarding the course or the related topics. We guarantee a fast and detailed reply to any question or request, including troubleshooting queries related to the course.

  • What are the prerequisites for the 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass?

    You do not have to follow any prerequisites before enrolling in the 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass. On the contrary, it is important to have a basic understanding of blockchain and its use cases in digital currency. The fundamental concepts of blockchain and basic terminology can help you familiarize yourself quickly with stablecoins.

  • How much time will I have to complete the 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass?

    The 101 Blockchains Stablecoin Masterclass will include a live session of 90 minutes. However, you don’t have to worry about completing the course in this 90 minutes time frame. You can easily use the recordings of the Masterclass to review the topics at a later time, thereby you have adequate flexibility in learning about stablecoins.

  • How can business owners benefit from this course?

    The new stablecoin course on 101 Blockchains is an ideal instrument for business owners to discover new avenues for using stablecoins in transaction settlements. The detailed explanation of the economics underlying the algorithm-based stablecoins will also help business owners understand the feasibility of adopting stablecoins.

General Questions related to Stablecoins

  • What is the value of stablecoins?

    Stablecoins are available in different types, and all of them have a single objective. They are primarily focused on offering stability. With the help of stability in the cryptocurrency market, stablecoins can encourage the participation of investors who were apprehensive to enter the market due to profound levels of volatility.

  • How many stablecoins are available currently?

    The possible ‘stablecoin invasion’ in recent times has been characterized by the introduction of almost 200 stablecoins. With the majority of these stablecoins released or under development all over the world, the popularity of stablecoins is undeniable. Most importantly, the New York State Department of Financial Services has recently approved two stablecoins with the backing of the US Dollar. The two new stablecoins are the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and the Paxos Standard (PAX).

  • What are the different types of stablecoins?

    Any detailed account of stablecoins explained properly must include an outline of the different types of stablecoins. The four distinct types of stablecoins are fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized, commodity-collateralized, and non-collateralized stablecoins.

  • What are the prominent limitations of stablecoins?

    The foremost limitation of stablecoins is evident in fiat-collateralized stablecoins, which are essentially centralized in nature. Therefore, traders have to place their trust in the exchange. In addition, fiat-backed stablecoins are subject to limitations of the regulations associated with fiat currencies. Furthermore, commodity-backed stablecoins offer limited liquidity which means it is difficult to redeem them.

  • How can stablecoins safeguard from local currency market volatility?

    Citizens could exchange their volatile fiat currency with USD-backed or EUR-backed stablecoins in order to avoid loss of their savings. Stablecoins could offer the most promising solution by allowing users to exchange depreciating currency holdings for a stable currency. Therefore, stablecoins can be considered a significant tool to establish safeguards against global market volatility. Interestingly, the interest in the ‘stability’ of stablecoins has helped in fuelling a massive 300% growth in 2020.