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  • You want to understand the core concepts of zero-knowledge proofs

  • You want to learn how you can apply zero-knowledge proofs in different sectors

  • Your activity requires dealing and sharing sensitive data


This course is designed to offer you a solid understanding of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) in blockchain technology. You will learn about the fundamentals of this method, probable application strategies in different industries, and technological background for proper implementation in the enterprise ecosystem. 

Every enterprise deals with an enormous amount of sensitive data, i.e., big data and data lakes. In the day-to-day operational phase, enterprises often require to share data proof points with business partners, customers, suppliers, or industry counterparts. However, the revelation of commercially sensitive underlying data might pose a multitude of threats. 

Zero Knowledge Proof can offer a viable solution to mitigate such problems. With this technology, a business entity can share specific properties of data to business counterparts for verification without revealing underlying sensitive data. You can use Zero Knowledge Proof as a standalone solution or incorporate it with an enterprise blockchain solution. 


We at 101 Blockchains aim to offer you all-encompassing technical knowledge about Zero Knowledge Proof, as well as real-world scopes to implement it successfully. With this knowledge, you can make more well-calculated operational decisions and ensure organizational security against external threats such as corporate espionage. 

We at 101 Blockchains feel humbled and proud to partner up with Applied Blockchain designing this immensely helpful masterclass.




Module 1: Zero Knowledge Proofs

The first module explains and analyses the core concepts of Zero Knowledge Proof. Students will understand what the technology is, how it works, and what business problems it solves. Furthermore, students will understand the connection between ZKP and blockchain.

  1. The Basic Concepts of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)
  2. How Did the ZKP Technology Come to Being?
  3. What Kind of Business Problems Can ZKP Solve?
  4. The Connection between ZKP and Blockchain Technology


Module 2: Data and industries where Zero Knowledge Proofs are applicable

This module is completely focused on the probable use cases of ZKP, both at the personal and enterprise level. First, students will understand the co-relation between ZKP and big data. Then, they would witness the viability in personal security and finally explore the possibilities in the industries of varying nature.  

  1. How to Use ZKP with Big Data?
  2. How to Use ZKP for Personal Identity and Data?
  3. Use Cases of ZKP in Different Industries (Finance, Banking, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications, Shipping, Trade, Automotive, Aviation, Energy)


Module 3: Technological background of Zero Knowledge Proofs

Students will get introduced to different technological concepts related to ZKP. Such technological background will enable them to become advanced users. Afterward, the module will discuss the maturity, scalability, and security of the technology. 

  1. What is the Core Concept of Trusted Setup, When Do You Need It, and How Can You Implement It in a Business Environment?
  2. The Basic Concepts of  zk-SNARKs, zk-STARKs, Bulletproofs, and zk-SHARKs
  3. Is the ZKP Technology Matured Enough for Successful Implementation in a Business or Enterprise Environment?
  4. Scalability and Security Features of ZKP


Module 4: Prerequisites for Implementation and Solving Various Issues

The final module discusses the prerequisites for successful implementation. Later, students will learn to identify, pinpoint, and solve different interoperability and compliance issues (if any occurs).   

  1. The Requirements for Your Business Counterparts to Verify ZKPs that You Share with Them
  2. Interoperability Issues of ZKPs
  3. Probable Compliance Issues that You Might Face/Solve Using ZKPs 

This Masterclass is for you because …

  • You are a business owner or a top-level corporate executive, and you want to explore better solutions for sharing data proof points with your business counterparts without revealing any underlying sensitive data. 
  • You are a top-level corporate executive or a cloud architect who wants to develop an infrastructure that offers better security against corporate espionage and can be integrated into your existing blockchain-based ecosystem. 
  • You are a CIO/CTO in your business organization and seek solutions to handle and share sensitive data more securely and want to offer a technologically robust system to your organization.


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    • Module 3: Technological background of Zero Knowledge Proofs

    • Module 4: Prerequisites for Implementation and Solving Various Issues

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Adi has over 25 years of enterprise technology experience, more recently leading major deliveries of production blockchain and advanced cryptography solutions.

Zero Knowledge Proof Course FAQs

  • What will I get in the Zero Knowledge Proof course?

    The Zero Knowledge Proof course is a comprehensive masterclass that is delivered as an online training course. The total duration of the course is approximately 90 minutes, and it offers an opportunity for flexible learning. The course includes technical knowledge regarding zero-knowledge proof or ZKP. Also, the ZKP course provides insights about real-world extents of successful implementation processes. The course also offers additional opportunities to learn ZKP with resources such as bonus material and complementary lectures. Learners could also leverage this course for gaining exclusive access to online events of 101 Blockchains. The online events generally feature live webinars that include renowned industry influencers.

  • Is there any prior requirement to learn Zero Knowledge Proof?

    The Zero Knowledge Proof course is suitable for any professional interested in learning about the idea of zero-knowledge proof to build a successful career in Blockchain. Therefore, there are no prerequisites to learn zero-knowledge proof. However, prior knowledge of blockchain basics can help in understanding zero-knowledge proof easily.

  • Who should learn Zero Knowledge Proof?

    The Zero Knowledge Proof masterclass on 101 Blockchains is suitable for business owners, CIO/CTOs, and enterprise and cloud architects. Business owners can find opportunities for improved solutions to share data proof points with business counterparts without exposing underlying sensitive data. Enterprise and cloud architects can develop infrastructures with the assurance of better safeguards against corporate espionage. Also, they can enable better integration of their infrastructures into the existing blockchain-oriented ecosystem. Furthermore, CIOs and CTOs can explore opportunities for developing solutions to facilitate the management and sharing of sensitive data with better security.

  • Why should I learn Zero Knowledge Proof?

    The practical applications of Zero Knowledge Proof would introduce new benchmarks in the domain of information sharing and enterprise operations. Subsequently, Zero Knowledge Proof also have considerable applications in the domain of cryptography. Therefore, fluency in ZKPs can help in securing a competitive advantage for those who seek a career in blockchain.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains Zero Knowledge Proof course help me?

    The 101 Blockchains Zero-Knowledge Proof course is suitable for candidates who wish to develop a comprehensive understanding of Zero-Knowledge Proof and its applications in blockchain. It can help you learn about the fundamentals required for this method, technological background regarding effective implementation in the enterprise ecosystem. Furthermore, the characteristic traits of 101 Blockchains' training courses, such as the strategic approach and the insights of trusted experts, can support learners in their journey to become a blockchain professional.

  • What are the abilities validated in the Zero Knowledge Proof course?

    You will get advanced knowledge on the concepts of ZKP in the Zero Knowledge Proof course, thus, will get validation of the knowledge about the basic concepts of Zero-Knowledge Proof, the relation between ZKP and Blockchain, problems you can solve with ZKP, using ZKP with Big Data, use cases of ZKP in different industries, scalability and security features of ZKP, implementation of ZKP, and the compliance issues you can solve with ZKP.

  • What are the modules covered in the Zero Knowledge Proof course?

    The modules covered in the Zero Knowledge Proof course are Zero Knowledge Proof, Data and industries where ZKP is applicable, Technological background of ZKP, Prerequisites for implementation, and solving various issues with ZKP.

  • Will I receive a certification from 101 Blockchains?

    No, you will not receive a certification from 101 Blockchains upon completion of the Zero Knowledge Proof course. Nevertheless, you will receive a certification as a premium professional member at 101 Blockchains, it is a global recognition that will validate and recognize your expertise in the domains of enterprise blockchain.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries during the ZKP course?

    Yes, our team of experts is available 24/7 to resolve any query. You can also join our LinkedIn Community and connect with other experts and learners.

  • What are the features of Zero Knowledge Proof?

    Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKPs) are characterized by three important features. The first feature is that the transaction should be complete and convince the verifier in the transaction that the prover wishes to claim. The second one is that the transaction should be completely sound, and in event of false information, it could not convince the verifier about the truth of the prover’s information. Lastly, the Zero-Knowledge factor is the most important feature in ZKPs, as they should not reveal anything else to the verifier.

  • What is the significance of Zero Knowledge Proof?

    Zero Knowledge Proof or ZKP is capable of ensuring data verification without exposing the data. Therefore, ZKP is easily one of the most formidable technical interventions for revolutionizing the approaches for data collection, utilization, and transactions. As a result, it can also serve as a prominent contributor for improving the democratization of control over data.

  • What are the benefits of Zero Knowledge Proof?

    Zero Knowledge Proof is suitable for transferring information between two parties without involving an originator using passwords for revealing any data related to them. As a result, ZKP can support in reducing potential risks associated with password-only authentication protocols. ZKP is suitable for improving the security aspect of an individual’s online transactions or payments alongside public cloud accounts.

  • What are some of the popular examples of real use cases of ZKPs?

    In recent years, many platforms have utilized zero-knowledge proof and integrated them into their native privacy or security capabilities. The most popular example is JP Morgan Chase adopting zk-SNARKs-based proof of concept. This move has improved the privacy of the native blockchain ecosystem known as Quorum.

  • How would the Zero Knowledge Proof course help me in my career growth?

    Expertise in zero-knowledge proof can support candidates in pursuing a career in Blockchain. Besides, the use of ZKP in blockchain-based applications in a time of digital transformation can support a promising demand for candidates with expertise in ZKP.