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The Enterprise Blockchain Professional course is excellent!

Valerie Giardini, SVP & CFO, Enterprise Enablement, Northern Trust Corporation

"This course is the most extensive and up-to-date course on Blockchain that I have found. I highly recommend the Enterprise Blockchain Professional course because it is tailored to the interests of business professionals at all levels of an enterprise, including the C-suite. The course curriculum is current and well thought-out and provides the right balance between technical content and business applications. The added value to my career is significant."

Good structure and easy to understand!

Markus Einert, Head of Business Support, Deutsche Telekom

"Very good training for basic Blockchain understanding + deeper insights in specific topics. I like this structure's setup and practical examples."

Comprehensive Online Training

Luis González, IT Strategy Manager, Deloitte

"Thanks to the comprehensive online training provided by 101 Blockchains we are now fully armed and well equipped to translate into existing and new client engagements what we have learned about the impact of blockchain technology on enterprise business processes"

I am recommending!

Patrick Wolf, Deputy CTO, ASG Technologies

"101 Blockchain helped me get up to speed on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Practical information from people with hands on experience coupled with state of the art infographics. I am recommending!"

Great holistic view to build the bridge from Blockchain to Logistcs Industry & IoT

Andreas Rudolph, Strategic Senior Product Manager eServices, DHL

"Thank you so much for providing this awesome knowledge building block about Blockchain for me! I will enrole today the next "Certified Blockchain Professional" course, because Blockchain is a must have for my product management toolbox for emerging technologies of today! And it's great "brainfood" by the way! "

Great course for anyone interested in Enterprise Blockchain

Frank Egberts, Director, ConsultingExperts B.V.

"Great course on Enterprise Blockchain. Fundamentals and real world examples. A great start for anybody interested in business possibilities, and not just the cryptocurrency aspects of blockchain. It explains the subjects with real world examples, which is an excellent way to get the necessary information across. Also covers aspects about governance and ecosystems. Really useful."

All business leaders should do this course

Peter Lee, Workplace Transformation Leader, Singapore

"The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course make a complex subject easy to understand and it allowed me to learn at my own pace, at my own time. I found the course contents to be just right, covering the basic fundamentals enough for business users to understand the concept, then going into the characteristics of the various blockchain platforms, and capping off with how and which industries are using this technology. Enrico does a great job explaining the blockchain basics and I like the postman analogy which is very easy to grasp. The course has cleared up some earlier misconceptions I had about blockchain, and I am now better informed and confident to apply it in my business. I recommend this course to all business leaders as blockchain will be another tool in your toolbox that you will be using in the near future."

I highly recommend the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Course!

Dennis Gerson, Information Technology Consultant, TransformIQ

"I highly recommend the enterprise blockchain professional course because it is very well made. The content is up to date, the course curriculum is well thought out and very comprehensive. Course focused on the business uses through case examples rather than getting lost in the minutiae of technology. The instructor provided a thorough set of lectures with review questions. "

After months of training and research about blockchain, I've finally found a Blockchain Certification Program that is focused on the business aspect.

Diego Geroni, Z&A Consulting SCS

"The Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification Program is a valuable source of skills and practical knowledge for any industry professional. I would like to express my appreciation for 101 Blockchains’ well-structured and practical online course content! Using common management and business concepts, it delivers so much, especially the many different use cases that can be applied straight away. Recommend this Professional Certification to any individual and organization who wants to innovate with trust and transparency in this new era of business digitalization."

101 Blockchains has been my bible

Christophe Viguerie, Founder at Tech & Co

"Since I started research on Blockchain technology, 101 Blockchains has been my bible. It is the best support to explain simply the key concepts and latest developments. I follow Aviv with great interest and can only recommend the same to anyone who would like to understand and master the great world of Blockchain."

Highly recommend the enterprise blockchain professional course!

Daniel Furtwängler, Senior Executive, Wealth Management Advisor

"The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Course is methodically and didactically very well structured. The content is up to date and the course curriculum is well thought of. Based on my experience I can highly recommend the enterprise blockchain professional course to everybody who wants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology. Overall, the knowledge gained is very valuable and helpful in a professional business context."


Dr. Mathews K. George, Enterprise Software Architect

"This course has been a great revelation and encouragement to me because it is the most extensive and up-to-date course on Blockchain. I am confident that the course will provide tremendous value to my career and help me in my future pursuits of applying Blockchain to solve different business problems."

Brief and interesting

Jorge Asiain, Senior Mechanical Engineer, AlterEvo Ltd

"Very interesting course that show you the most important about Blockchains applications for enterprise."

A Great place to start your quest for knowledge

John Callaghan, Program Manager, SP3 Consulting

"101 Blockchains is a comprehensive website for all things relating to blockchain and its associated technologies. 101 Blockchains is a great place to start your quest for knowledge and understanding with all aspects of blockchain and is packed with excellent infographics and user guides that will help you get up to speed."

Certificate is essential to my growth efforts!

Bartholomeus van den Bergh, CEO, Meiermarken GmbH

"Insights from 101 Blockchains were quick and easy to understand from the very start. And the Enterprise Blockchain Professional course was a great way to give me an up-to-date good grounding in the basics of Blockchain. This certificate is essential to my growth efforts."

Highly Recommend!

Jaime Pradenas, Business Development Manager

"It is a very good course for those who want to improve their knowledge about blockchain. It helps to discover opportunities and business models using the blockchain. Highly Recommend!"

The Absolute Best Choice!

Ariel Vega, IT Leader , Cencosud S.A.

"After more than 3 years of blockchain technology research, I can honestly say that this course provides the essential knowledge and tools for anyone who wants to learn more about enterprise blockchain fundamentals, use cases and business applications. If you are looking for the number 1 course in the field, 101 Blockchains course is the absolute best choice."

It is the best way to understand the concept and basics of blockchain technology.

Tamer Hamdy, Smart city solution Team leader, ABB

"There have been great dynamic changes in all markets derived by the 4th industrial revolution, and blockchain is one of the main technology used by governments and corporates worldwide to adapt and grow. This Blockchain course is the best way for consultants, project managers, and developers to learn how to integrate blockchain technology in their organization and join the blockchain revolution."

I love the accuracy and clearness the different topics are explained and how my knowledge has been developed and reinforced

Juan Francisco Bolaños, Business Development Manager, Kruger Corporation

"101 Blockchains has helped me to learn about the most important blockchain topics and how to apply them to my every day life which goes around this fascinating and disruptive technology. I love the accuracy and clearness the different topics are explained and how my knowledge has been developed and reinforced. If we want blockchain technology to be adopted, it's necessary to have education first. 101 Blockchains has made it easier for me. I appreciate the effort you are making."

Perfectly Structured & Easy to understand

Sundaresan Sethuraman, Senior Manager - Digital Program, Cognizant

"The Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals course is awesome. It's perfectly capsuled in a 15-20 minutes timebox and hence it ups the ante in a nice way. It's explained in a easy-to-understand format, thereby kindling interest in greater learning of Blockchain in depth. Thanks to 101 Blockchains for offering the crash course."

The focus is Enterprise applications of BC and course covers the fundamentals

John JA Burke, Associate Professor, RISEBA University

"The infographics are great and make the audio discussion easy to follow. Short course is very logically organised, and is of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about this technology that is likely to change business operations, and the way consumers conduct business."

I highly recommend it!

Jackie Burgoa, Senior Digital Strategist, TREM Group

"If you are interested in the paradigm shift and business disruption blockchain technology is creating, then this certification course is for you. I have spent quite sometime reserching blockchain and although there is a lot of information out there, there is no doubt this course brings it all together. It is well organized. It is clear in its delivery and obviously a lot of thought went into it. I highly recommend it."

I recommend taking this course for any professional willing to add value to his company/business

Lamine Zenakhri, COO, Integra Technosystems

"The Enterprise Blockchain Professional course held by 101 Blockchains has proven to be very well taught and organized, it uses simple language for people who have very little knowledge in technical issues related to Blockchain to make them understand the technical aspects of the different Blockchain platforms. This course is dedicated to professionals who want to leverage their company's capabilities and value by using and adopting solutions based on Blockchain Technology. At the end of course, I feel I have a much clearer understanding of blockchain technology, and the different platforms use cases, and how each platform can solve specific problems. The course platform is well organized, stable and easy to use. I personally recommend taking this course for any professional willing to add value to his company/business"

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals is a good way to start learning the basics concepts and it´s application

Alcedir Goula, Vertical Key Account Manager Latam at RFS

"The course is designed with series of examples that help very easily to understand the blockchain and its thematic areas, fundamental buliding blocks."

Highly recommended for those who wish to become blockchain professionals!

Alfonso Segovia, System Engineer

"Excellent and very well structured course, highly recommended for those who wish to become blockchain professionals."

Awesome course on Enterprise Blockchains

Colin Jebasingh, Service Delivery Manager, Cognizant

"Dear Enrico, It was a fabulous session to hear from you on the basics of Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals. Having been associated with BFSI Industry for nearly 15 years, I strongly feel Blockchain will add a solid feather to my cap and to my overall experience gained so far. Thank you for patiently guiding through the concepts and advocating on the next steps ahead as well. Thank you 101 Blockchains for enabling this session from your academy. Keep rocking, All the best!"

Highly recommend!

An Phuong Nguyen, Head of Product Department, MuaBanNhaDat Vietnam

"As a product manager, this course helped me lead a new innovative product that utilizes blockchain technology. If you want to get into blockchain technology and business, you definitely have to take courses like these. Unfortunately, universities do not teach you this stuff, so you have to take courses like these where you can learn from professional experts. Highly recommend"

Easy to Understand!

Rajwant Singh Healthcare IT Consultant Lexicon Healthcare IT Consulting

"101 Blockchains makes blockchain simple. Their content is easy to understand and spot-on accurate. They are a trusted source for blockchain education for anyone, with or without technical background. I often recommend 101 Blockchains to my friends, acquaintances, and clients who are just diving into blockchain digital transformation."

The 5 days Enterprise Blockchain course is the best way for a business consultant/executive/project manager to stay up to date with blockchain technology

Ahsen Shahid, Internal Audit Manager at Saudi Chemical Holding Co.

"I have many years of professional accounting and auditing experience but as more and more companies started implementing blockchain technology I felt out of the loop. Taking this course really helped me understand what exactly is Blockchain and its applications in a very practical and easy-to-learn manner. My focus areas were Supply chain, Finance, Transportation, and Contract management."

Very satisfied with all contents!

Julio Fernandez, Global Finance Project Manager, Takeda

"This Blockchain course is high-class e-learning. Simply, don't look anywhere else if you want to learn Blockchain and its impact on business. 101 Blockchains is by all means, the best one in the market, currently, in terms of Price/Quality. Highly recommended. Just be ready for the next disruptive revolution with Blockchain, and 101 Blockchains is the key to success. 5 stars rating!!"

Perfect introduction to the blockchain world

Giuliano Liguori, Digital Transformation Advisor at GLWEB

"I completed the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course, comfortably from my office, during my lunch break, I'm very satisfied with the contents, the tutor and the e-learning platform. Thanks!"

A really good start to blockchain

Claudia Mancini, Journalist

"The crash course is a really good way to start the path to understand and work with blockchain. It touches key concepts, technical aspects and current cases of use of blockchain."

Blockchain basics revealed

Anubhuti Dhote, Director Of Marketing

"Information was useful and slides shared during the crash course were very detailed yet simple to understand, thank you for sharing the knowledge"

Perfect Blockchain for Beginners Course

Victor Silva, São Paulo, Brazil

"I liked so much this course. I would like to say, the better stuff that I received was the fact the new knowledge open my mind for new ideas. Thank you so much!"


Anton Hristoff, Blockchain & Emerging Technology, KPMG UK

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