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  • Understand the key concepts that will help you learn blockchain

  • Learn a classification method to understand the blockchain ecosystem

  • Go through the use cases in the decentralization community, enterprises, and governments.


If you have been listening closely to news in the world of tech, you must have come across the mention of blockchain technology and its significance. As of 2018, around 90% of banks in US and Europe started initiatives for identifying the potential of blockchains. According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Blockchain could disrupt $867 Trillion in Traditional Financial Markets. Furthermore, the emerging trends in enterprise blockchain adoption such as tokenization, privacy, and identity management could require effectively adaptive skills and knowledge.

The new 101 Blockchains Blockchain Masterclass is just the right tool you need to learn everything and start working with blockchain. Starting from the key fundamental concepts to the understanding of categories of blockchain or DLT ecosystem, the course is the perfect handbook for every blockchain beginner. The Blockchain Masterclass offers more than just an introductory explanation for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. 

Candidates who want to learn blockchain often have many apprehensions about learning new technology. However, the Blockchain Masterclass can help you resolve all your doubts about blockchain and how it is used. In addition, it also showcases some examples of early initiatives that steered the growth of blockchain and its future prospects in enterprise use cases. 


This course is designed to provide a clear overview of the blockchain ecosystem. You will learn the key concepts and a classification method for understanding the blockchain/ DLT ecosystem. 

In the Blockchain Masterclass, you will learn about the decentralization movement and token economy, built on the public blockchain infrastructure. Also, you will learn the enterprise landscape and use cases based on the private blockchain infrastructure. Finally, you will learn a few examples of early adopters of the blockchain/ DLT solutions.


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Blockchain Masterclass?

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Historical Events and Key Concepts of Blockchain/ DLT
  • Blockchain and DLT Classification
  • Decentralization Movement and Token Economy
  • Enterprise Landscape and Use Cases
  • Early Adopters of Blockchain/ DLT

This Masterclass is for you because …

  • You are new to blockchain technology and want to understand basic concepts of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
  • You are interested in Blockchain technology, and aspiring to get a Blockchain certification to enhance your career.
  • You are an aspiring blockchain developer/architect who would like to validate your knowledge with the industry leading blockchain trends.
  • You need to understand the use cases of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology to get started in the blockchain space.

Lesson 1: Introduction
The first lesson covers the origin and evolution of the Blockchain as well as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  

Lesson 2: Historical Events & Developments
You will learn the historical events that led to the development of blockchain/ DLT technology. 

Lesson 3: Key Concepts
In this lesson, you will learn the key concepts such as blocks, ledger, transaction, cryptocurrency, tokens, account, wallet, smart contracts, consensus protocol, virtual machine, etc.  

Lesson 4: Blockchain & DLT Classification
You will learn a classification method that will help you understand the public, private, and hybrid blockchains.

Lesson 5: Overview of the Ecosystem
Using the classification method from Lesson 4, we will map out the entire blockchain/DLT ecosystem to understand the various communities, projects, and use cases built on the public and private blockchain infrastructures.

Lesson 6: Decentralization Movement 
This lesson will discuss various projects that focus on the theme of “Decentralization”. Primarily these projects are built on the public blockchain infrastructure. You will learn about the Decentralized Applications (DApps) and various components under development for building the Decentralized Internet or Web 3.0.

Lesson 7: Token Economy 
In this lesson, you will learn various concepts such as fungible tokens, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Security Token Offering (STO), and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Lesson 8: Enterprise Landscape 
In this lesson, we will dive deep into the enterprise landscape and look at various alliances, consortia, and Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms.

Lesson 9: Enterprise Use Cases 
In this lesson, you will learn a few enterprise use cases including Finance, Banking, Track & Trace, Supply Chain, CBDC, etc.

Lesson 10: Early Adopters

In this final lesson, you will learn about some early adopters of blockchain/DLT for enterprise and government real-world applications.


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    Module 6: Use Cases

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Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain Initiative

Ramesh Ramadoss, PhD

Ramesh Ramadoss is a renowned blockchain industry expert, researcher, entrepreneur, and international speaker, with one book to his credit as the author. Presently, he serves as a co-chairman for the IEEE Blockchain Initiative while also taking on the leadership of the IEEE Blockchain Standards Committee.

Mr. Ramesh Ramadoss has been recently inducted as an Expert Panel Member on the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, an agency committed to fostering blockchain innovation and growth of the blockchain ecosystem in the EU.

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Blockchain Masterclass FAQs

  • What is included in the Blockchain Masterclass training course?

    The Blockchain Masterclass includes six different lessons that cover all the crucial concepts of blockchain. The blockchain course includes lessons on history of blockchain and classification of blockchain. The course provides a detailed overview of the blockchain ecosystem alongside a clear impression of the decentralization movement. Learners could also gain insights into advanced topics in blockchain such as the enterprise blockchain landscape and use cases with references to the token economy.

  • How much time do I have to complete the Blockchain Masterclass course?

    There is no pressure of a restricted time schedule for completing the Blockchain Masterclass course. You can complete the course at your own pace, according to your convenience. The learners get access to the video lessons in the course without any restrictions. You can also access the demo videos, interactive exercises and whiteboard demos to get a better understanding of the concepts.

  • Who should go for a Blockchain Masterclass course?

    The Blockchain Masterclass course is ideal for any professional aspiring for a career in blockchain technology. Senior industry leaders and managers could explore the various aspects of blockchain for discovering opportunities for strategic advantage. Entrepreneurs could use this blockchain course for identifying possibilities for new blockchain-based solutions.

  • Why should I choose Blockchain Masterclass course?

    You should choose the Blockchain Masterclass course largely because of the constantly increasing demand for blockchain technology. More companies are slowly leveraging blockchain functionalities for different enterprise solutions. The course offers detailed insights into the world of blockchain starting from basic to the advanced concepts. The blockchain course gives the headstart for you to capitalize on career opportunities in blockchain.

  • Will I interact with the subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you have the flexibility to interact with our subject matter experts who created this blockchain course. You can reach out to our training and support team with your questions for fast and reliable answers. Learners can also access our learning forums for interacting with other learners.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains Blockchain Masterclass course help me?

    The Blockchain Masterclass course on 101 Blockchains is not only comprehensive in terms of its content but also the approach for training. With the support of interactive exercises and demo videos, 101 Blockchains ensures that this course delivers the ideal learning outcomes for all students. Most important of all, this blockchain course has been prepared by industry experts for ensuring the top standards of quality.

  • Is there any prior requirement to enroll in the Blockchain Masterclass training course?

    101 Blockchains has not placed any specific prerequisites for the Blockchain Masterclass course. On the contrary, it is important to note that this blockchain course is a beginner-level masterclass. However, it is recommended that learners must have prior knowledge regarding fundamentals of blockchain such as definition, architecture and basic terminology. In addition, learners are recommended to have the basic knowledge of other blockchain concepts such as cryptography, decentralization, and consensus mechanisms.

  • What are the value advantages of Blockchain?

    The advantages of blockchain would also serve as important highlights in this blockchain course. The first benefit of blockchain emerges from the decentralized nature of blockchain. With the decentralized design, blockchain is practically immune to control by a single authority. Decentralization also avoids a single point of failure thereby ensuring better availability. The peer-to-peer model in blockchain transactions enables improvements in strength of blockchain network with increase in number of participants. The cryptographic security of records provides better scope of security while the open source development of blockchain solutions allows better transparency. The most important advantage of blockchain is evident in the trust factor.

  • What are the important topics covered in the Blockchain Masterclass?

    The 101 Blockchains Blockchain masterclass covers the important topics such as Origin and Evolution of Blockchain and DLT, Historical Events, Key Concepts, Classification of Blockchain and DLT, Overview of Ecosystem, Decentralization Movement, Token Economy, Enterprise Landscape, Enterpise Use Cases, and Early Adopters of Blockchain.

  • What is the significance of blockchain?

    Blockchain is a crucial technological intervention since the arrival of the internet. It has basically transformed the way people interact with information and engage in transactions. Most important of all, blockchain has allowed better security in information exchange alongside improving transparency of transactions on blockchain.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    Yes, our team of experts is 24/7 available to resolve your query. You can also join our LinkedIn Community and connect with our professional members, industry experts, and learners.

  • How would the Blockchain Masterclass training course help me in my career growth?

    The Blockchain Masterclass on 101 Blockchains is not just an introductory course to blockchain. Learners can dive deeper into the technical implications of blockchain technology with this course. The demand of blockchain technology continues to increase, especially with the rapid shift towards digital transformation. With a particular specialization in blockchain technology, you can capitalize on various career opportunities emerging in this sector. This Blockchain course can help you improve knowledge of blockchain from an expert’s perspective.

  • Is there any certification to validate my blockchain knowledge and expertise?

    Yes, you can find three certifications on 101 Blockchains for proving your capabilities across different specializations in blockchain. You can choose the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA), Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) or the Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certification, according to your preference and skill area you want to validate.

  • What are the job roles I can try with skills and experience in blockchain?

    The blockchain job market is evolving rapidly with the continuously changing requirements of enterprises from blockchain adoption. Therefore, you can find a wide array of job roles in the domain of blockchain for beginning your career. The notable blockchain job roles that you can try include blockchain developer, blockchain solution architect, blockchain quality engineer, blockchain project manager, and blockchain legal consultant and blockchain UX designers.

  • How much could I earn with expertise in blockchain?

    According to mygreatlearning.com, the average annual salary of blockchain developers is almost $136,000 in the US and $73,000 in Europe.