• Fundamentals

  • 3+ Hours

  • Flexible learning


  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about the working of Bitcoin blockchain

  • Understand the technological foundation of the first Blockchain, i.e., Bitcoin

  • Know about Bitcoin mining and the information contained in transactions and blocks.


Bitcoin first introduced the world to the concept of blockchain. In the initial stages, Bitcoin was basically focused on the objective of offering digital currency without any central authority. However, Bitcoin has become more than just digital currency, with many people choosing to trade in Bitcoin. On the other hand, the growing popularity of Bitcoin also encouraged the interest of many to learn Bitcoin comprehensively.

As of now, many people are talking about Bitcoin without having the slightest idea of how it actually works. While a major share of the world’s population has its eyes on the continuous growth and dips in the value of Bitcoin, it is quite important to have an idea of Bitcoin basics before diving into it. 

The new 101 Blockchains Bitcoin course lets you start learning about the different fundamental concepts and mechanisms underlying the Bitcoin blockchain design. The course offers you a detailed understanding of the technology on which Bitcoin is built alongside an in-depth explanation of crucial elements in Bitcoin transactions. Learners could discover more about the possibilities of leveraging the use of blockchain technology in different applications. Grab the opportunity to know about Bitcoin fundamentals and understand the best practices for dealing with Bitcoin.


The new Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology course on 101 Blockchains offers you the advantage of interactive video lectures by an industry expert. You get a promising Bitcoin course online with the value of flexible learning. Spanning a duration of one week, the learning materials in the course showcase everything about Bitcoin in detail.

The course offers a detailed overview of Bitcoin essentials alongside significant concepts such as public, private key encryption, or hash algorithms. The course also covers topics such as mining, consensus mechanisms, and data structure of blocks and transactions.  


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Bitcoin Technology

  • Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Crucial concepts related to Bitcoin

  • Working of Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain

  • Explanation of Bitcoin as a deflationary system

  • Understanding of Bitcoin addresses and keys

  • Explanation of transactions and transaction scripts

  • Mining and consensus 

This training course is for you because...

  • You want to learn about Bitcoin out of curiosity to understand the new technological intervention that has been disrupting traditional markets.

  • You are a business owner or decision-maker looking for opportunities to leverage the functionalities of Bitcoin for enterprise transformation.

  • You are a developer aspiring to build solutions that support the use of Bitcoin.


  • Bonus Material

    Exclusive, in-depth interviews with the world's top enterprise blockchain experts

  • Additional Lectures

    Enjoy unlimited access to complimentary lectures and more practical blockchain knowledge

  • Join Online Events

    Get exclusive access to our online events, such as live webinars with top industry influencers


Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology course has been created especially for the ambitious professionals who want to close the skill gap between getting formal education and becoming world-class Enterprise Blockchain Experts. This course will not only provide you mere education but the interactive exercises, demo videos, and whiteboard videos will clear your concepts with practical insights.

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  • Senior leadership and decision-makers

  • Managers in the domain of development, research, and business development

  • Product and program managers

  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs

Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Professor "Internet of Things" at Aalen University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Markus Weinberger

A seasoned IoT professional with over two decades of experience.

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Munich and Trondheim, Norway, Dr. Markus Weinberger joined Bosch in 1998. Over the course of his professional career at Bosch, he collaborated with a team of researchers investigating IoT applications in connected mobility and smart home applications alongside IoT business models. His research achievements and dedication to the field of IoT helped Dr. Markus Weinberger serve as the Director of the Bosch IoT Lab at the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich from 2012 to 2016. With such great knowledge and experience in IoT, Dr. Markus aims to redefine the benchmarks of IoT training and education.

Bitcoin Technology Course FAQs

Course Related Questions and Answers

  • What is included in the Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology?

    The best Bitcoin course on 101 Blockchains presents a comprehensive explanation of Bitcoin and its working. Learners could explore Bitcoin in detail, starting from the issues which led to the development of digital currency in the first place. In addition, the course also helps you learn about concepts such as hash algorithms, public and private key encryption, and the working of Bitcoin blockchain. The Getting Started with Bitcoin course also covers Bitcoin addresses, their creation, and their association with private keys. Learners can also know more about the data structure of blocks and transactions. The course also covers details regarding mining and consensus mechanisms.

  • Who should go for the Bitcoin Course?

    The new Bitcoin course on 101 Blockchains is the ideal pick for any individual who wants to learn about Bitcoin. Senior decision-makers and business leaders alongside product and program managers can benefit a great deal from understanding opportunities related to Bitcoin. In addition, innovation managers and entrepreneurs, as well as R&D professionals, can also find this new course on Bitcoin quite useful.

  • Why should I choose the Bitcoin Course?

    The foremost reason for selecting the new Bitcoin Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains is that Bitcoin is the first blockchain network. Understanding Bitcoin could not only help you use it as a financial instrument but also leverage the broader possibilities with blockchain.

  • Do you offer expert support at 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you can connect with our subject matter experts by contacting us. Learners could find fast responses to their doubts regarding the course-related topics. Every expert pays adequate attention to the issues of learners and offers them the most relevant solutions possible.

  • What are the prerequisites for the 101 Blockchains Bitcoin Course?

    The new 101 Blockchains course on Bitcoin essentials does not have any prerequisites. Any individual interested in learning about Bitcoin could take this course without any hesitation. However, a basic impression of blockchain-related terminology could be quite helpful when learning about Bitcoin.

  • How much time will I get for completing the 101 Blockchains Bitcoin Course?

    The total duration of the new 101 Blockchains Bitcoin course online is one week, with just three to four hours of learning. Learners do not have to worry about completing the course within the given time frame as they get on-demand lecture videos. Also, you can rewatch the lessons in the course in case you need to.

  • How can business owners benefit from this course?

    The growing popularity of Bitcoin is not new in the world of tech. Many corporations are apprehensive regarding the adoption of Bitcoin as a preferred instrument for their financial transactions and processes. The new 101 Blockchains Bitcoin Course helps business owners learn Bitcoin and how to use it effectively to foster their business transformation.

General Questions related to Bitcoin

  • What is the value of Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is basically a form of digital currency which does not require the involvement of any financial intermediary. The value of Bitcoin depends on the supply and demand in the market for Bitcoin. In addition, there are many other factors like alternative digital currencies, which influence the value of Bitcoin.

  • Who owns the Bitcoin network?

    The Bitcoin network is not the ownership of a single entity or individual. All the Bitcoin users worldwide control the Bitcoin network. Even if developers could improve the software, they could not introduce modifications in the Bitcoin protocol.

  • Do people really use Bitcoin?

    As of now, the number of businesses and individuals using Bitcoin is growing substantially. The value of all the existing Bitcoins in the market is increasing substantially as Bitcoins worth millions of dollars are being exchanged regularly.

  • What are the possible ways to get Bitcoins?

    You can get Bitcoins as payment for products or services or purchase them at Bitcoin exchanges. You could also get Bitcoin by exchanging fiat currency for Bitcoins with another individual. Mining is also one of the most common methods for obtaining Bitcoin.

  • Can Bitcoin be used in illegal activities?

    Money has been used for legal as well as illegal purposes, and since Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, Bitcoin holders could potentially use it for illegal activities. However, the use of cash, credit cards, and other banking systems for financing illegal activities surpass the use of Bitcoin for the same.