• Fundamentals

  • 3 Hours

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  • Understand the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Learn the examples of IoT implementations across different sectors

  • Understand the opportunities, preconditions, possibilities, and challenges with IoT

  • Know the relationship between IoT and blockchain technology


The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape includes various interrelated, internet-connected objects with the facility of collecting and transferring data through a wireless network without any human intervention. IoT has presented endless personal as well as business possibilities for users all over the world. As the adoption of IoT solutions increases, it is imperative to look for possibilities of integrating IoT and blockchain together and bring the best of both worlds. 

Internet of Things or IoT basically refers to the network of physical objects featuring sensors, software, and other technologies. The sensors, software, and technologies used in the physical objects help them connect with other devices and exchange data. 

IoT emerged as a general concept in the early 2000s, and today, it has spanned many other sectors and applications. Interestingly, the total number of IoT devices installed worldwide by 2021 would amount to 35.82 billion. Furthermore, the number might probably reach the mark of 75.44 billion by the year 2025. With a worldwide market revenue of $212 billion, IoT definitely shows promising prospects for growth in the long run. Therefore, the interest in IoT fundamentals has been increasing profoundly in recent times.

We have brought the new IoT fundamentals course with the objective of helping learners familiarize themselves with IoT concepts. This fundamental-level course is suitable for IoT beginners and blockchain professionals who want to leverage the functionalities of IoT and improve their blockchain-based solutions. If you want to improve your skills and create better business value, then this course can help you acquire the essential skills and knowledge. 


The Internet of Things is a fast-growing market, with an average household expected to have at least 50 connected devices on average in 2021. Another striking highlight of the potential of IoT refers to the global spending on IoT in 2020, which has easily exceeded the $1 trillion mark. Therefore, it is reasonable to notice the growing interest in learning IoT basics. With an expected market value of $4 trillion by 2025, IoT is definitely one of the focal points of attention for aspiring IT professionals. However, many people are still struggling to come to terms with the basic concepts and significance of IoT. 

The Introduction to Internet of Things course is aimed to help all aspiring IT professionals obtain insights into the world of IoT. The most interesting part of the course is that it does not deal only with the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. On the contrary, it also helps candidates in understanding the business value of IoT. With the in-depth reflection on practical examples in the course, learners will easily understand how IoT can help capitalize on opportunities with smart products and data collection. In addition, the course helps you learn IoT with a comprehensive focus on associated opportunities, challenges, preconditions, possibilities, and risks. Furthermore, you will also dive into a detailed account of the interplay between IoT and blockchain technology in this course.

Learners will get the opportunities to learn internet of things with the additional advantage of demo videos and whiteboard videos. The videos are helpful for learners to familiarize themselves with various IoT basics in an interactive manner. The immersive teaching approach of the instructor helps in maintaining the attention of students and understanding complex topics with ease. The Introduction to IoT course does not rely on the training videos alone, you will also complete interactive exercises along with practice questions. The exercises are meant to ensure that learners remember and understand the topics they have learned in the course. 

Although the IoT fundamentals course has been designed for anyone interested in learning about fundamental concepts in IoT, it is also a promising choice for professionals in other roles. For example, software developers can learn about the basic concepts of IoT so they can develop solutions that will work in the IoT landscape. If you want to add value to your career with knowledge of IoT basics for beginners, then the Introduction to Internet of Things course is the best pick for you. 


What we will cover to help you get expertise in Internet of Things

  • Understanding of the Internet of Things i.e. IoT Fundamentals.

  • Understanding of the possibilities, preconditions, challenges, opportunities, and risks in implementing IoT.

  • Practical insights into applications of IoT in different industries.      

  • Overview of the technology stack required for developing IoT-based applications.

  • Outline of IoT application opportunities based on smart products and/or data collection to envision IoT business applications.

  • Investigation of security and data privacy concerns in IoT applications.

  • In-depth assessment of the link between IoT and blockchain technology. 

This training course is for you because...

  • You want to understand the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • You want to dive deeper into the business applications of IoT in different industries

  • You want to learn and understand the opportunities, risks, challenges, opportunities, and prerequisites for IoT implementation

  • You want to broaden the scope of your technical knowledge as a blockchain professional with fluency in IoT development

  • You are aspiring to create new, innovative blockchain-based IoT solutions or expand the scope of your professional development with IoT expertise


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    Module 1: What is Internet of Things?

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    Module 2: Market Segments and Examples

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  • 4

    Module 3: IoT Value Stack and Technology

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  • 5

    Module 4: Smart Products and High Resolution Data

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  • 6

    Module 5: Security and Privacy

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    Module 6: Outlook - Blockchain and IoT

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    Additional Resources and Final Exam

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The IoT Fundamentals course has been created especially for ambitious professionals who want to close the skill gap between getting formal education and becoming world-class Enterprise Blockchain Experts. This course will not only provide you with the necessary theoretical education, but will help you gain practical insights through the interactive exercises, demo videos, and whiteboard videos.

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  • Software architects and engineers

  • Software developers and IT managers

  • Enterprise and cloud architects

  • Senior executives and decision-makers

Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Professor "Internet of Things" at Aalen University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Markus Weinberger

A seasoned IoT professional with over two decades of experience.

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Munich and Trondheim, Norway, Dr. Markus Weinberger joined Bosch in 1998. Over the course of his professional career at Bosch, he collaborated with a team of researchers investigating IoT applications in connected mobility and smart home applications alongside IoT business models. His research achievements and dedication to the field of IoT helped Dr. Markus Weinberger serve as the Director of the Bosch IoT Lab at the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich from 2012 to 2016. With such great knowledge and experience in IoT, Dr. Markus aims to redefine the benchmarks of IoT training and education.

IoT Fundamentals Course FAQs

  • What is included in the IoT Fundamentals course?

    The IoT Fundamentals course provides an introduction to IoT basics for beginners. The course features a detailed explanation of all the concepts associated with the Internet of Things and their business applications. Learners will find the course helpful with obtaining knowledge and expertise that are necessary for creating innovative blockchain applications that leverage IoT functionalities. In addition, the course also reflects on opportunities, challenges, risks, and preconditions for IoT applications alongside security and privacy concerns. Furthermore, the course also covers details about the relationship between IoT and blockchain technology. The course also features whiteboard videos, interactive exercises, and demo videos for learners to enjoy an interactive learning experience.

  • How much time do I have to complete the IoT Fundamentals course?

    The on-demand IoT Fundamentals course does not come with any specific time limit in which you have to complete the course. Learners are free to complete the course at their desired pace and convenience.

  • Who should enroll in the IoT Fundamentals course?

    The new Introduction to the Internet of Things is a promising tool for any individual who wants to learn Internet of Things. Aspiring or existing blockchain developers, software architects, and software developers are also the most suitable candidates for this course. If you want to elevate your blockchain career with expertise in a unique skill set, then you should learn about IoT and ways to leverage it in blockchain solutions.

  • Why should I choose the IoT Fundamentals course?

    The IoT Fundamentals course offers a fundamental-level course to help you learn IoT alongside its practical significance. Apart from an understanding of the IoT concepts, you can use the course to understand the opportunities and risks you may come across in IoT application development. At the same time, you will also gain insights into the security and privacy issues commonly encountered with IoT applications. Most importantly, you will learn about the link between IoT and blockchain and enhance your skills as a blockchain professional.

  • Will I interact with the subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains?

    The IoT Fundamentals course does not come only with the assurance of high quality training on the basics of IoT. All those who registered for the IoT Fundamentals course will get the assurance of interacting with subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains and will get all their questions answered.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains Introduction to the Internet of Things course help me?

    The first and foremost advantage of the IoT Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains is the introduction to IoT fundamentals. This course is a great opportunity to learn more about a new technology that is slowly gaining recognition. With varying applications across various use cases in different industries, the 101 Blockchains Introduction to the Internet of Things can help you capitalize on the value of IoT and improve the quality and efficiency of business solutions. In addition, the IoT fundamentals course also helps you reflect on the possibilities of using IoT with blockchain technology. As a result, you can develop your skills as a blockchain professional and hopefully bring better value to your business.

  • Is there any prior requirement to enroll in the IoT Fundamentals training course?

    Learners do not have to worry about fulfilling prerequisites to register for the IoT Fundamentals course. As a matter of fact, you should know that this is a fundamental level course to learn IoT. However, you can have an advantage if you focus on learning the definitions of basic terms in IoT or an overview of the IoT market before starting the course.

  • What is the value advantage of IoT for enterprises?

    The foremost value advantage of IoT for enterprises emerges in the form of data. IoT devices interconnected with each other throughout a large network would have to connect and communicate with each other. Therefore, enterprises would have a lot of data flowing between IoT devices which they can use to optimize their business decisions. IoT applications can help in optimizing different processes in business operations with the facility of real-time monitoring. Apart from ensuring the real-time alignment of physical operations with digital assets, IoT can also encourage the adoption of new business models alongside improving enterprise efficiency.

  • What are the important topics covered in the 101 Blockchains Introduction to the Internet of Things training course?

    The IoT Fundamentals course starts with coverage of IoT basics alongside the practical examples of their application. The other topics covered in the course include the challenges and opportunities for IoT implementation with smart products and data collection. In addition, the course also covers the security and privacy issues in IoT implementation alongside reflecting on the IoT and blockchain relationship.

  • What is the significance of IoT?

    The importance of IoT becomes clearly visible when you look at the following numbers. The IoT market apparently amassed almost $212 billion in revenue in 2020, with estimates suggesting that the market value may cross the $3 trillion mark by the year 2026. Furthermore, IoT applications are also transforming tasks in the daily lives of people apart from enhancing enterprise operations. Most importantly, IoT enables better access to data for optimization of business processes and achieving maximum efficiency.

  • Will I receive a course completion certificate from 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, all learners would receive the course completion certificate for the IoT Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains. Once you have completed all the specified requirements for the course, you are eligible for the course completion certificate.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    Learners can easily reach subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains for answers to their queries or course-related doubts. In addition, you also have the option of connecting with our LinkedIn community to interact with our industry experts and professional members alongside other learners.

  • How would the IoT Fundamentals course help me in my career growth?

    Internet of Things (IoT) can enable simpler execution of various use cases which were previously unachievable with conventional methods. IoT is one of the prominent tools transforming the modern enterprise landscape. At the same time, expertise in IoT could also open up career opportunities in the areas such as data analytics, security, device and hardware, and network and structure-related roles. Some of the notable professional roles you can take on with IoT expertise include embedded programs engineers, software program engineers, safety engineers, and community engineers.

  • Is there any certification in the course to validate my Internet of Things expertise and knowledge?

    Presently, there is no official certification in the IoT Fundamentals course. However, you can use this fundamentals course as the foundation for other certification courses for IoT by different vendors.

  • How much could I earn with expertise in the Internet of Things?

    According to Indeed.com, an IoT engineer could earn an average annual salary of around $122,898 per annum in the United States.