• Fundamentals

  • 3 Hours

  • Flexible learning


  • Get an in-depth understanding of non-fungible tokens and the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Identify the scope and objectives of non-fungible tokens.

  • Learn about the methods and best practices for the creation, purchasing, and sales of NFTs.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the hottest topics in the world of blockchain right now. With an NFT sale clocking at around $70 million recently, many people want to learn NFT. Non-fungible tokens have provided a critically valuable instrument for the digital representation of real-world assets. The uniqueness in NFTs is also one of the reasons for driving interest in learning about NFT basics. 

The NFT Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains is the most suitable option for beginners to learn about the concepts underpinning non-fungible tokens. Starting with an overview of basic differences between fungible and non-fungible tokens, the course helps you learn more about the NFT landscape. 

The NFT course on 101 Blockchains is a fundamental-level course with demo videos, whiteboard videos, and interactive exercises. We have brought the course as a prolific instrument for everyone interested in exploring the potential of asset tokenization. If you want to explore the various functionalities and possibilities with non-fungible tokens, then this course can give you the ideal start. 


Non-fungible tokens have emerged as promising concepts in the domains of economics. NFT's are unique assets in the digital world, and users could buy and sell them just like any other asset. However, NFTs do not have any specific tangibility in their form, one could consider digital tokens as certificates of ownership for physical or virtual assets.

The non-fungible tokens course on 101 Blockchains has been created particularly for individuals interested in learning about NFTs. The course covers all the topics that are essential for learning about the fundamental aspects that define NFTs. Most importantly, the course can help candidates learn about the historical evolution of NFTs to understand their relevance in existing times. 

The NFT Fundamentals course reflects profoundly on the basics of NFT, such as the difference between fungibility and non-fungibility. The course also provides a comprehensive explanation about how NFTs work and their impact on the digital asset ecosystem. Furthermore, learners also receive detailed insights on the NFT projects ecosystem, which includes collectibles, trading cards, games, utility, virtual world, and marketplace applications. 

The course also provides the perfect opportunity for learners to gain knowledge about different use cases of NFTs, and also learn about NFT marketplaces and wallets. The highlight of the course, however, is visible in its focus on practices for creation, purchasing, and selling NFTs. In addition, the course would also emphasize security aspects related to NFTs. Lastly, the NFT course dives into discussions on the future scope of NFT with emphasis on challenges and opportunities associated with NFTs. 


What we will cover to help you get expertise in NFT Fundmentals

  • Detailed explanation and understanding of concepts underlying NFTs
  • Understanding of the basics of NFT, its working, and its impact 
  • History associated with the evolution of NFTs
  • Explanation of the NFT projects ecosystem across different categories
  • Reflection on use cases of NFT such as digital art, collectibles, and others
  • Description of various NFT marketplaces and wallets with examples
  • Methods for creating, buying, and selling NFTs
  • Knowledge of challenges for mass adoption of NFTs and their future 

This training course is for you because...

  • You want to learn about non-fungible tokens and the ways to build and deploy them on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • You want to understand the scope and objectives associated with NFTs.
  • You want to learn about the approaches for creating, buying, and selling NFTs.
  • You want to explore opportunities for trading in NFTs.
  • You are a blockchain professional aspiring to leverage your blockchain expertise and capitalize on the prospects with non-fungible tokens. 


  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

    • Disclaimer

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  • 2

    Module 1: Understanding the Concepts Behind NFTs

    • Introduction

    • What is Blockchain?

    • Cryptocurrency and Crypto Tokens

    • Ethereum Tokens and ERC Standards

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 3

    Module 2: Fundamentals of NFT

    • Introduction

    • What is Fungibility?

    • What Are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

    • Fungible vs. Non-fungible Tokens

    • How Does NFT Work?

    • How NFTs Are Affecting the Digital Asset Ecosystem?

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 4

    Module 3: History Behind NFTs

    • Introduction

    • Early History (2012-2017)

    • Becoming Mainstream (2017-2020)

    • NFT Boom (2021-Present)

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 5

    Module 4: NFT Projects Ecosystem

    • Introduction

    • Collectibles

    • Games

    • Virtual Worlds

    • Trading Cards

    • Marketplace

    • Utility

    • Defi

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 6

    Module 5: NFT Use Cases

    • Intro

    • Digital Art

    • Collectibles

    • Fashion

    • Certifications and Licenses

    • Sports

    • Gaming

    • Digital Identity

    • Music and Entertainment

    • Ethereum Name Service and Domain

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 7

    Module 6: NFT Marketplaces and Wallets

    • Intro

    • NFT Marketplaces

    • NFT Wallets

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 8

    Module 7: Create, Buy and Sell NFTs

    • Intro

    • Disclaimer

    • Creating NFTs

    • How to Buy NFTs

    • How to Sell NFTs

    • Security Aspect of NFTs

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 9

    Module 8: Challenges to Mass Adoption and The Future of NFTs

    • Intro

    • Roadblocks

    • Future of NFTs

    • Interactive Exercise

  • 10

    Additional Resources and Final Exam

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    • Final Exam


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The NFT Fundamentals course has been developed particularly for aspiring professionals who wish to learn more about NFTs and broaden their understanding of the blockchain landscape. The course offers professional training along with demo videos, interactive exercises, and whiteboard videos to learn NFT. At the same time, practical insights and examples also help in better learning.

NFT Certification






  • Product & Program Managers

  • nnovation Managers and Entrepreneurs

  • Advisors and Business Analysts

  • Digital creators and artists

  • Any individual interested in the creation, purchase, and sales of NFTs

Learn from industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience with you

Senior Instructor

Aviv Lichtigstein

A thought leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building enterprise products utilizing Big Data and AI. Aviv Lichtigstein is the founder and CEO of 101Blockchains.com - one of the world's leading blockchain resource portals.

NFT Fundamentals Course FAQs

  • What is included in the NFT Fundamentals course?

    The non-fungible tokens course is a promising tool for learning about NFTs with the ground-up approach. The NFT course can help learners in gaining insights on how NFTs are different from usual tokens and their working. Learners will also gain knowledge about NFT use cases and different NFT projects alongside the NFT marketplaces and wallets. In addition, the course also provides a viable impression of the ways to develop, purchase, and sell NFTs. Learners would get demos and interactive exercises for a seamless training experience with the course.

  • How much time do I have to complete the NFT Fundamentals course?

    You can take your time to learn NFT in this course, as we want to ensure a convenient learning environment tailored for your needs. However, the maximum time limit for completing the NFT course is one year.

  • Who should go for the NFT Fundamentals course?

    The new NFT Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains focuses on a broader target audience. Product and program managers could learn about the benefits of tokenizing their products as NFTs. Innovation managers and entrepreneurs can utilize the course to learn about potentially revolutionary approaches for using NFTs. Advisors and business analysts could use their knowledge of NFTs to guide their clients towards better decisions regarding NFTs. Digital creators or artists can explore the possibilities of utilizing NFTs for verifying digital ownership of their creations. Most important of all, anyone interested in NFTs could go for our new NFT course.

  • Why should I choose the NFT Fundamentals course?

    The first and foremost reason to go for this NFT basics course is the need to explore the potential of non-fungible tokens. The stark growth in demand for NFTs as a vital instrument for asset tokenization is a formidable reason to choose this course. Furthermore, the course helps learners in creating NFTs and selling them, thereby giving them an opportunity to join a new financial revolution.

  • Will I interact with the subject matter experts at 101 Blockchain?

    Yes, you can interact with subject matter experts at 101 Blockchains when you enroll in the NFT Fundamentals course.

  • How will the 101 Blockchains NFT Fundamentals course help me?

    NFTs are slowly becoming a popular attraction even though they have been around for quite a long time. The various use cases of NFTs, such as in collectibles, digital art, or other applications, clearly showcase their significance for transforming asset tokenization. Our new non-fungible tokens course can help you find a way to understand and make the most of NFTs. The course also helps you learn about the whole NFT ecosystem and its future scope.

  • Is there any prior requirement to enroll in the NFT Fundamentals training course?

    There is no specific prerequisite for learners to take this NFT course. However, prior knowledge of blockchain terminology and concepts such as decentralization and tokens could help learners with a promising learning advantage.

  • What is the value advantage of NFTs for enterprises?

    The value advantage of NFTs for enterprises largely depends on individual traits such as uniqueness, indivisibility, and scarcity. NFTs are scarce, and developers could create any number of non-fungible tokens while changing tokens frequently to maxime interest. It is impossible to divide NFTs into smaller units and provide better control over ownership. Most important of all, the information tab cites the uniqueness of NFTs with better safety and accuracy for the NFT.

  • What are the important topics covered in the NFT Fundamentals course?

    The NFT Fundamentals course focuses on a number of important topics apart from the basics of NFT. Learners will find the history of NFTs alongside a detailed explanation of the NFT projects ecosystem with a comprehensive impression of renowned projects. Another important topic covered in the NFT course focuses on use cases of NFT alongside a reflection on NFT wallets and marketplaces. The most crucial topic in the course also dives into the practices for creating, buying, and selling NFTs. Finally, the course also sheds light on the future of NFTs and the barriers to their mass adoption.

  • What is the significance of NFTs?

    The importance of NFTs is clearly evident in the fact that they can help in purchasing and selling physical assets in a digital marketplace. At the same time, they can provide ideal proof of ownership alongside serving as a digital archive of the real-world asset. As a result, NFT has promising potential for striking a revolution in the purchase and sales of rare and valuable items.

  • Will I receive a course completion certification from 101 Blockchains?

    Yes, you will get a course completion certificate for the NFT Fundamentals course when you complete all the course objectives.

  • Will I get expert support for my queries?

    You can always avail the guidance and support of experts at 101 Blockchains with this NFT course. Learners could also reach out to our experts on the LinkedIn community of 101 Blockchains to find reliable answers to their doubts.

  • How would the NFT Fundamentals course help me in my career growth?

    NFTs are the talk of the town, especially after a digital artist sold their creation in the form of NFT for $70 million. With such a profound impact on the emerging face of the digital economy, NFTs could spell new opportunities for a career in the field of blockchain.

  • Is there any certification with the course to validate my NFT knowledge and expertise?

    Although there is no certification in the NFT Fundamentals Course, this course will prove as a career path to the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) and Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certifications.

  • How much could I earn with expertise in NFTs?

    According to Hired, the average annual salary of blockchain developers with Corda development skills varies between $150,000 and $175,000.