101 Blockchains Masterclasses

Explore new innovative developments in the blockchain and crypto space such as CBDCs and data privacy with our special Masterclasses.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Masterclass

Learn the basic and advanced concepts of central bank digital currency and become a CBDC expert. Enrol in the exclusive CBDC course now!
CBDC Masterclass


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After months of training and research about blockchain, I've finally found a Blockchain Certification Program that is focused on the business aspect.

Diego Geroni, Z&A Consulting SCS

"The Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification Program is a valuable source of skills and practical knowledge for any industry professional. I would like to express my appreciation for 101 Blockchains’ well-structured and practical online course content! Using common management and business concepts, it delivers so much, especially the many different use cases that can be applied straight away. Recommend this Professional Certification to any individual and organization who wants to innovate with trust and transparency in this new era of business digitalization."

I am recommending!

Patrick Wolf, Deputy CTO, ASG Technologies

"101 Blockchains helped me get up to speed on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Practical information from people with hands on experience coupled with state of the art infographics. I am recommending!"

Good structure and easy to understand!

Markus Einert, Head of Business Support, Deutsche Telekom

"Very good training for basic Blockchain understanding + deeper insights in specific topics. I like this structure's setup and practical examples."

I highly recommend it

Jackie Burgoa, Senior Digital Strategist, TREM Group

"If you are interested in the paradigm shift and business disruption blockchain technology is creating, then this certification course is for you. I have spent quite sometime reserching blockchain and although there is a lot of information out there, there is no doubt this course brings it all together. It is well organized. It is clear in its delivery and obviously a lot of thought went into it. I highly recommend it."

All business leaders should do this course

Peter Lee, Workplace Transformation Leader, Singapore

"The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course make a complex subject easy to understand and it allowed me to learn at my own pace, at my own time. I found the course contents to be just right, covering the basic fundamentals enough for business users to understand the concept, then going into the characteristics of the various blockchain platforms, and capping off with how and which industries are using this technology. Enrico does a great job explaining the blockchain basics and I like the postman analogy which is very easy to grasp. The course has cleared up some earlier misconceptions I had about blockchain, and I am now better informed and confident to apply it in my business. I recommend this course to all business leaders as blockchain will be another tool in your toolbox that you will be using in the near future."

Easy to Understand!

Rajwant Singh Healthcare IT Consultant Lexicon Healthcare IT Consulting

"101 Blockchains makes blockchain simple. Their content is easy to understand and spot-on accurate. They are a trusted source for blockchain education for anyone, with or without technical background. I often recommend 101 Blockchains to my friends, acquaintances, and clients who are just diving into blockchain digital transformation."

Certificate is essential to my growth efforts!

Bartholomeus van den Bergh, CEO, Meiermarken GmbH

"Insights from 101 Blockchains were quick and easy to understand from the very start. And the Enterprise Blockchain Professional course was a great way to give me an up-to-date good grounding in the basics of Blockchain. This certificate is essential to my growth efforts."

Blockchain Courses and Certifications related FAQ

  • What is the benefit of blockchain training?

    The value of a blockchain course is not just learning new technology, you can become a part of the future by learning about blockchain, especially considering the fast pace at which it’s growing. Enterprises all over the world are already tapping into the potential of blockchain, thereby implying favorable career prospects.

  • What is the future of blockchain in terms of the blockchain market evolution?

    The global blockchain market achieved a market capitalization of 4.9 billion dollars in 2021. The market capitalization might easily grow to 67.4 billion dollars by the year 2026. Experts have also suggested that the worldwide blockchain market would garner almost 20 billion dollars in terms of revenue by 2024. Furthermore, as of November 2021, the world had more than 70 million registered blockchain wallets. On top of it, blockchain is expanding into other sectors such as healthcare and identity management.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Many people are worried about choosing a suitable blockchain certification for their career development. The way to set clear career goals with blockchain is by understanding the fundamentals of blockchain. Go through our 101 blockchain course on fundamentals and other basic topics and choose the area of expertise you want to pursue.

  • Do I need to fulfill any prerequisites for a blockchain course or certification?

    The world of blockchain is evolving and growing, and almost anyone interested in learning about this technology can pursue a blockchain training course or certification. While you can enroll for a course without any prerequisites, you would definitely benefit from some basic knowledge before trying out a blockchain certification.

  • What job roles are suitable for those who have blockchain training and certification?

    The good thing about career prospects in blockchain is the wide range of options that are not limited to specific sectors. You can become an enterprise blockchain consultant or a professional blockchain architect and design blockchain-based solutions. You can also pursue roles in blockchain security. The adoption of blockchain across different sectors has been driving the demand for certified blockchain professionals in marketing, operations, and management of their blockchain transformation initiatives.

  • Will a blockchain certification ensure a long-term lucrative career?

    A blockchain certification is basically proof of your skills and knowledge in blockchain technology and related fields. However, it does not provide a guarantee of a job. You have to search for a job like other aspiring candidates, albeit with a competitive advantage owing to the certification.